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So, I have the privilege of working in a very casual environment full of people who have amazing taste.   Not too long ago, I had an particularly stylish lady in my office for an incredibly productive meeting… mostly because at the end of it, she had sent me links to purchase her entire outfit.  My favorite piece, though was this cardigan by Velvet:


You guys, I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.  It makes my dresses funkier and my jeans more polished.  It’s perfect for a plane ride and is giving my plain t-shirts new life.  Basically, it’s becoming my favorite article of clothing.

Its Closet MVP status was solidified when G and I were catching up on The New Girl last night and GREG spotted Cece… in my cardigan!

Cece Cardigan

Obviously, I had to rock it today.  Witness:

LC Cardi

(I mean, I’m ALMOST as cute as Alejandro behind me!)

Join Cece, my cute co-worker, and me and get yours HERE! 

xx, L


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  1. Austin says:

    Hi, trying to email you both to our LACOSTE lenox store opening party tomorrow night (Nov 21st) but your is bouncing back.

    it’s 6-9pm and happy to send the evite if interested

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