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Kevin (so hard not to call him “Slick” any longer…) + I hit up Midtown’s Street Food Thursday in our ‘hood yesterday afternoon. 

It always reminds me a little of my beloved Austin to see the trucks crammed together in Midtown like one big food truck trailer park of deliciousness. 

One truck, in particular, caught my eye yesterday: WOW! Food Truck.

We got in line + in a flash of pre-ordering online due diligence, I found out that the WOW! Food Truck is Atlanta’s first truck specializing in Venezuelan arepas(Then, I had to look up “arepas.”  Don’t judge…)  They are savory grilled corn cakes stuffed with slow roasted meats.  WOW! is also known for their delicious donuts which Creative Loafing listed on their Top 100 Bucket List .  Okay, yes yes yes!  I was ready to eat.

Here’s a glimpse at their menu:

And here’s the full Q+DD on the WOW! Food Truck:

Once upon a time, several years ago, Wendy Cross was visiting her brother (yep – that brother!) in NYC.  She asked him where she could go to get a quick bite that was really good but wouldn’t break the bank.  He quickly replied that there was an arepa bar around the corner and she should check it out.  After realizing that the word “arepa” wasn’t some sort of sophomoric attempt of him being funny, she found herself at the little restaurant eating her first arepa.  “WOW!  These are amazing” were the first words exclaimed after her first bite.  Wendy wondered…why isn’t anyone making these in Atlanta?!!  She knew at that moment it would be her mission to bring these wonderful savory stuffed corn cakes to her peeps in the ATL.  Now, all she needed to do was find a restaurant to partner with so she could bring her arepa food truck dreams to fruition. 

After interviewing several restaurateurs, she knew that the girls at Duck’s Cosmic Kitchen in Decatur would be the perfect match.  Their dedication to using only the freshest ingredients, making everything from scratch, and not owning a microwave won her over.  Wendy started to sell her arepas as a special at the restaurant while the truck was getting ready for its big debut, and after selling out the first day, they knew they were onto something good, and the rest as they say, is history!

I happen to love that story.  And also, the truck has a pretty serious paint job that I found super impressive…

Frankly, all of the menu looked interesting to me, but I was on a mission to try an arepa + a shrimp cake.

From left to right:

Chicken Sofrito Arepa: savory Venezuelan griddled corn cakes stuffed with slow roasted meats + topped with their famous creamy cilantro jalapeno “kicky” sauce.

Crispy Shrimp Cakes: panko-crusted, perfectly seasoned shrimp cakes served with “kicky” sauce alongside organic stone ground cheese grits.

Kevin and I couldn’t believe how delicious they both were!  And, really filling, too, for very little $$$.  We are going back next week for more.  Why can’t it be Midtown Street Food Monday – Friday??

If WOW! is that good, I can’t wait to see what Duck’s is all about…

WOW! Food Truck on Facebook!
WOW! Food Truck on Twitter!

WOW! Food Truck on the Internets
WOW! Food Truck’s Menu – Yum!

Find it.  Try it.  Trust.  :)

xx, L

WOW! Food Truck
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  1. maura says:

    Duck’s is awesome. I highly recommend it!

  2. Lindsay says:

    great! i’ll absolutely check it out! thanks, maura. :)

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