By Lauren

You guys! 

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love Flywheel.  

THIS WEDNESDAY: to help raise relief funds for those affected by Superstorm Sandy, Flywheel is hosting classes nationwide on Wednesday, November 7th to benefit the American Red Cross!

Here’s the Q+DD for Atlanta:  Instead of reserving your bike or mat online, RSVP to or simply walk in to either:

Flywheel: 6:30PM –  Jeremy

FlyBarre: 9:30AM – Cara

…and bring your checkbook!  The minimum suggested donation is $25 (the cost of the class anyway!) 

BONUS:  During Jeremy’s ride there will be a random drawing for two Falcons tickets for the Falcons VS Cardinals game November 18th at 1:00PM!

BONUS BONUS:  I heart Jeremy and his class is amazing.  Almost as amazing this picture:

I’ll be there for sure!  Come Fly with me?

xx, L


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