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An exciting new business recently opened in Midtown next door to my second home (Mint Salon).  It’s the New York Butcher Shoppe

I had seen it under-construction for a while, but didn’t realize that it opened until recently when Kev came home from a haircut at Mint.  He burst into our condo and raved about New York Butcher Shoppe for the following 20 minutes.  He was talking rapidly, but I caught that he walked into NYBS after his haircut and didn’t want to leave because it “smelled UNBELIEVEABLE in there.”  He was particularly impressed with their assortment of prepared dinners; “all you have to do is pop them in the oven, Linds!”  He made me promise that we could give them “a ton” of business.  (This coming from the guy who would eat a Lean Cuisine every night if I didn’t intervene.)  “Sure – absolutely we will,” I said.  Eh, it was fun seeing him so excited about a new business + the place sounded great.  So welcome, NYBS, to the neighborhood!  I hear that we’ll be signing over our paychecks to you very soon…  :)

Have you visited NYBS yet??

Here’s the Q+DD on New York Butcher Shoppe:

NYBS is a unique shopping experience for customers seeking top-quality products and exceptional customer service at great prices.  We’re a high quality market with an emphasis on personal customer care.  The prices are as good or better than supermarket prices, but at the New York Butcher Shoppe, customers enjoy personal service and expert advice on cooking, grilling and meal planning.

From certified Angus beef steaks and incredibly prepared chicken cordon bleu, to fresh seasonal vegetables, pastas, sauces, wines and more, NYBS is the perfect place to experience cooking bliss.  We are way more than just a butcher shop.  We take pride in the quality of what we serve and the care in how we serve it.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you walk in the door at the selection of products we have.


The D’Elia family established the New York Butcher Shoppe in 1999 on Ben Sawyer Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  Bill D’Elia is originally from Brooklyn, NY where he began learning the butcher trade at age eleven.  His career has been in the grocery industry since 1970, primarily in butcher and meat areas.  The store in Mount Pleasant quickly grew in popularity, and the concept began franchising in October of 2003.

The NYBS concept is founded on the principles of outstanding customer service and the highest quality product, in a clean and inviting atmosphere.  Our line of hand cut steaks using Premium Angus Beef, prepared entrées, side dishes, salads and dips are always fresh and fill a unique shopping niche for our customers.  We also offer fresh sausages, frozen pastas, vegetables, hard-to-find grocery items, and a top selection of fine wines and cheeses.

a peek inside NYBS

NYBS sounds AWESOME – it’s very clear why Kev is such a big fan!  I can’t wait to visit ASAP.  I bet they have a number of great items we could add to our holiday celebrations. 

In the meantime, here’s some more info about NYBS:

Take a NYBS store tour: Where’s the beef??
Check out their menu: What’s cooking, good lookin’?!
Oooh, they cater, too: NYSB on the move!

Welcome, welcome again!  I’m looking forward to meeting you soon, NYBS.  (I have a feeling that we’ll be your most enthusiastic customers…)

xx, L

New York Butcher Shoppe
985-C Monroe Drive
Atlanta, GA  30308

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