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Over the past month, I’ve had three out-of-this-world delicious meals at Atlanta’s most exciting new restaurant (and you can quote me), The Spence.

As a brief recap from my previous post about it, The Spence is a modern American restaurant that recently opened nearby Georgia Tech +  is the brainchild of one of Atlanta’s favorite celeb chefs, Richard Blais.

pretty ricky

The Spence prides itself in being a restaurant where it’s not just about the presentation, but rather the experience of the meal.  It’s a classic eatery that serves accessible, ingredient driven food.  And, it’s amazing.  Truly.

The menu changes daily based off of what they’re “into” at the moment, which made it even more exciting to visit the restaurant three times over the past month.

And, here’s a sample menu to peruse.

Soooooooo, without further adieu, this is what I tried + loved + dream about.

These rolls.  I dream about these delicious yeast rolls.  They are heavenly.

This cocktail is killer, too.  Purple Rain: old tom gin, luxardo maraschino, lemon, violet pearls.

See the pearls??  So cool.

We also tried the Sankaty Light LagerMmmmmm….beer.

Now, brace yourselves.  I am going to start you out with my favorite small plate.  It’s a brilliant combination of bone marrow, tuna tartare + fried quail eggs.  It was absolutely fantastic – and photogenic, too!  Such a delicious mess that completely melts in your mouth.

A close runner up was the hamachi, fried clams, dill, radishes + smoked aioli.

Next up was General Tso’s sweetbreads.  I’m a sweetbreads novice, and honestly a little reluctant when it comes to them, but I went to town on this dish!  The flavors were spectacular.

Another table favorite was the uni spaghettini, lobster, chili + perilla leaf.  I’ve ordered some version of this dish each time I’ve eaten at The Spence.  It’s really super.

This guy was some sort of hamachi open-faced tostado.  We loved it, but it clearly wasn’t nearly as memorable as the other entrees since I forgot to write down the description…  Pretty, though.  :)

I could never forget these, however!  “Wu Tang Clams” with olde english + chinese bacon.  They weren’t around for long.

The table also enjoyed the slice of foie gras, green peaches + texas toast.  The table did, not me…  I will eat bone marrow and sweet breads – sure – but foie gras isn’t really my jam.

That about covers it with regard to the small plates.  I must admit that I’ve only tried one entree, and that was the fluke with pineapple, green olives + almond butter.  It was sensational!  I loved the flavors and the fluke, a fish I don’t eat often, was perfectly cooked.  If you’re going to The Spence for a full meal, I highly recommend trying the fluke.

And just as strongly, I also recommend trying corn creme brulee as a side dish.  It’s a pretty simple concept – a corn custard prepared like creme brulee, but it is DIVINE!  I’m telling you, if you haven’t already blown your diet on any of the items that I’ve mentioned above…blow your diet on THIS.

In a similar sugared-up vein, here are a few of the fantastic desserts I tried.  Ricotta cheesecake, strawberry + graham.  It’s a delicious deconstruction.

The pineapple upside down cake + foie caramel was the heartiest dessert we tried.  It was pretty freaking fantastic, as well.

And, finally, the malted barley panna cotta + popped sorghum was creative and a fun way to end the meal.

I can’t say enough good things about this incredible new restaurant.  On top of the creative/ thoughtful dishes, you dine in a very cool space with a really hip atmosphere (always important to me) AND you get to see Mr. Blais working his magic in the restaurant’s open kitchen.  Visit.  Enjoy.  Return.  That’s my motto when it comes to The Spence.

This place is seriously going to kill it.

xx, L

The Spence
75 Fifth Street NW
Atlanta, GA  30308

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