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So sorry for the MIA.  All kinds of things have been going on.  For me, in particular – it’s mostly this:

babyboycohen Yep.  This September I will officially be outnumbered by boys in this house.  Unless you count Olive.  Which we probably should, obviously.



Here she is on a recent date with Henry Young.  We’re obviously encouraging this relationship. LaurenLindsaydogs Anyway – this blog is all about our favorite places and things.   But to be honest with you, right now?  My favorite thing is THIS: TalentiGelato YOU GUYS.  How did no one tell me about Talenti Gelato?  I stumbled upon it in the frozen section of Publix a month or two ago and waxed poetic on my twitter feedonly to find out that most of you already knew about this amazingness and were keeping it to yourselves.  Friendly reminder: when you know about amazing things, you can always hit me up at @LaurenKCohen or Lindsay at @LindsayWhat44 This stuff is DELICIOUS.  Plus it’s made with hormone-free dairy, minimal ingredients, the containers are BPA-free (making this the perfect paranoid pregnant lady dessert) AND the production plant is based right here in ATL! My current obsession: TalentiBlkCherry So… there you have it.  Please start checking back with us again.  We promise you more gems like this on the regular again.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have pint to visit while I surf RH Baby and Child. xx, L

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  1. Lindsay says:

    can’t wait for baby boy cohen!!

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