By Lindsay

Over my birthday weekend, Kevin took it upon himself to make plans.  Shocked, I was, shocked!  And, v. pleased.  :)

He arranged for a number of excellent meals over the weekend, but my favorite thing we did was have a little stay-cation at The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast in Grant Park.

Here’s the Q+DD on The Social Goat:

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast is located in downtown Atlanta, and is in the community surrounding the oldest city park, Grant Park.  The park was established in 1882 when Lemuel P. Grant gave the city of Atlanta 100 acres and the city acquired an additional 44 acres to create a park for its citizens, eventually developing Atlanta’s largest historic neighborhood.  A failed circus traveling through town in 1889 was purchased and animals were placed in what is now Zoo Atlanta for spectators.  In 1892, the circular painting of the Battle of Atlanta was exhibited in the park and is now housed in the Atlanta Cyclorama.  Just one block from the park, guest can enjoy all the attractions and much more while the stay at The Social Goat.

the social goat exterior

The Social Goat was originally built in 1900 as a Queen Anne Victorian to accommodate 13 children.  Once a working farm and homestead, the house was located on a large piece of property that eventually was sold to make way for suburban building.  This property is now 3/4 of an acre and once again has a miniature barnyard.  Residents include two nigerian dwarf goats named “Sherman” and “Tallulah”, three cats named “Monkey, Leon, Tanuki”, three black spanish turkeys, 12 chickens, and plenty of goldfish and koi that inhabit the pond.  The Social Goat welcomes you with southern hospitality, and invites you to stay and relax on their little city farm.

Prior to our stay at The Social Goat, I hadn’t heard about this bed + breakfast before, so I was super impressed that Kevin had booked our stay at such a unique place!  When we arrived, we took a brief tour of the house – which was beautiful. 

Here’s a peek:

We moved in our bags, quickly changed + headed to Barcelona Wine Bar in nearby Inman Park for an EXCELLENT dinner. 

barcelona wine bar

The next morning, Kristy (The Social Goat owner + innkeeper) made us breakfast in the dining room.  She borrowed eggs from the chickens on her farm behind the house.  The breakfast was DE-licious.  A true feast.

Finally, it was time to meet the animals!  This was the biggest highlight for me!  We hung out with the most friendly, dog-like, dwarf goats named Sherman + Tallulah. 

I. fell. in. LOVE!! 

They, however, were slightly less interested in us, and way more interested in my bright purple jacket.  Oh well.  Still soooooooo unbelievably cute!

Then, we met the roosters who had woken us up in the morning.  This one is named Fabio

Kevin and I did not make friends with the turkeys.  They were jerks.

We really could have played with the animals all day…

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast truly deserves the positive reviews and praise it’s received on Yelp!  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a little getaway within the city.  It was such a unique experience – one that I know I will never forget.  I just loved!

More info on The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast here: Gobble til ya Wobble!

Miss you, Sherman + Tallulah…

xx, L

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast
548 Robinson Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia  30315

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  1. Kristy says:

    Thank you so much for such a great review and we loved having both of you stay with us. Sherman and Tallulah say hello and hopefully in June we may have a new kid from Tallulah. I hope to see you soon and stop by and say hello.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Yay for Tallulah! That is such exciting news! Thanks again for having us, Kristy! We had a blast!

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