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…that I have a problem with pizza.

Some people binge on booze or poison with pills – my drug of choice is cooked in a brick oven and comes to my table piping hot and sliced into eight heavenly pieces. For years, I’ve tried to curb my “pizza problem” with faux-pizza manufactured by Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice, but sadly, I’ve been terribly unsuccessful. I’ve tried to convince myself (and others) that pizza is, in fact, really healthy: um, hello – it incorporates a majority of our food groups AND it’s delicious when you put veggies on it! Nine out of ten people remind me about the various cheeses and meats I also like to pile on…haters. Alas, I haven’t been able to kick the habit, so instead, friends and family have grown to accept my pizza problem.

Here’s where I get my fix: SHORTY’S (this place is so good it deserves all caps)

I call it “Pizza Sunday.” Occasionally, it occurs on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well, I prefer not to discriminate… Shorty’s is and Sunday is my personal favorite day to order their pie-in-the-sky-brick-oven-perfection. Here’s why:

- Shorty’s cooks their pizzas in a brick oven so the entire restaurant smells mouthwatering-ly amazing. Their pizzas are thin crust “decatur style” and are served nice and crispy. A large has eight slices, but they are thin and upon finishing the entire pie you don’t feel enormous and stuffed like you’ve eaten a bunch of gross fast food pizza slices. Seriously, I dream about this pizza and talk incessantly to anyone who will listen about how much I love Shorty’s.

- It’s hard for me to even walk into Shorty’s and not fast track the server for my usual*, but there is more to this restaurant than just pizza. They have great salads (my favorite of which is the rocket salad: arugula, lemon, olive oil and parmesan) and awesome guacamole. They also have a few other entrees, but honestly, I’ve not gotten past the pizza…

- The cookies are so delicious they make me want to cry. I can safely say that I have never just ordered “cookies” at any other restaurant, but you can’t resist them at Shorty’s once you smell them baking. Naturally, Shorty’s cooks the dough in their brick oven and serves the massive cookies a bit underdone on a plate with whipped cream. They are perfect for eating with a fork. Take my word for it – they are worth every calorie.
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- Shorty’s is in the strip connected to L.A. Fitness at N. Druid Hills and La Vista. It’s absolutely no frills and my usual dining attire there is either sweaty workout clothes (hot, I know) or whatever I wore to bed the night before. The staff is pretty hipster and the atmosphere is totally laid back.

- Cheap wine.  I think that is all I need to say on that…

*The usual = large pie with chicken, spinach and feta or pineapple or tomatoes or pepperoni… Visual below:
See you there on Sunday!
xx, L
2884 N. Druid Hills Road #B
Atlanta, GA 30329

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