By Lindsay

Being LK or my significant other is not an easy task.  Not only do our men need to be game for packed social schedules – evenings filled with dinners, drinks, events + schmoozing; but also they absolutely have to be social media-friendly

Just ask Greg!  We’re a lot to keep up with…

Slick and I started dating shortly before LK and I created the Q+DD.  He loved the idea and fully supported us…

“hey! what a great idea!”

…until I made it clear to him that we would be using our names and posting an excessive amount of personal photos on it.

"wait - what??"

Slick was in a pickle.  He wanted to be part of the Q+DD, but he didn’t want his every move tracked and posted on the Internets.  Naturally, LK and I (excessive Facebook, Twitter + Foursquare users) had difficulty comprehending Slick’s privacy concerns, but we had to respect his wishes.

After much deliberation, we reached a compromise.  We would use pictures of him, but under the pseudonym: Slick.  He was down with it.

For the past two years + some change, Slick has been a regular on the blog. 

Enjoying fancy meals…

medieval times

Entertaining the locals…

chateau elan

Kissing babies…

Riding dinos…

fernbank museum of natural history

All the time under the clever disguise of “Slick”…

…so that he could support us while also feeling like he maintained some privacy + could keep it professional at work, etc. 


Slick is tired of his alias.  He’s grown weary of people referring to him as “Slick” in public settings.  He’s now fully embraced his social media presence (+ trusts that we are not going to use our blog-writing-powers to humiliate him) and he is ready to let everyone know who he REALLY is!

"i'm ready, world!"

Slick, dear readers, is in fact KEVIN (Kev for short)!

KEVIN.  KEVIN.  KEVIN.  Finally!!

So, there you go.  Thanks for being such a great sport, Kev!

We heart you, babe.  :)

xx, L

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9 Responses to “”

  1. LK says:

    Oh…. Mygosh. It’s better than when they revealed Ari’s wife’s name this season on Entourage.

    I love you, KEVIN!

    (It’ feels so good to say it.)

    xx, LK

  2. kevin says:

    It feels so good to see it!

    Slick was cool at first. Especially when I thought yall chose the name because I was the coolest guy Lindsay was seeing, and not because my parents gave me the initials of the world’s leading personal lubricant.

    Love you guys.

  3. Lindsay says:


  4. Lauren says:

    For the record, you’re also the coolest guy Lindsay is seeing.

  5. GGKC says:

    The feller you call Kevin is known as the Careful Cowboy out yonder here in the Midwest.

    Personal safety is no laughing matter, folks.

  6. Lao says:

    Mr. Slick #1 in Asia!

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