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I realize that I could never date any of you lovely readers after revealing my cards like I am about to do, but for the sake of the blog (and being in a relationship) - I’m going to take that risk.  I totally have a “go-to” first date place that is the perrrrrrrfect spot to go out with “that special someone” for the first time. 

I am a sucker for Apres Diem in Midtown – and here are my Top 10 reasons why:

Apres Diem - Atlanta

Apres Diem - Atlanta

10 – Situated in on the border of the Virginia Highlands and Midtown, Apres Diem is under 1 mile away from my condo – which makes it super convenient for me when I am running the predictable five minutes late for a date.  (Selfish, I know…)

9 – AD is an adorable euro-style cafe with a friendly, and heavily accented, staff and it’s got a super patio  – which I totally recommend over sitting inside. 

8 – People are constantly coming and going in and out of the restaurant and the scene is always changing.  I don’t think that Apres Diem even really knows what it is…  Certain times throughout the day it feels like a straight-up coffee shop.  I’ve been there when there’s a DJ and it feels like a European disco.  Lunch and dinner  – you name it.  It’s also perfect before catching an artsy-fartsy movie next door at Midtown Arts Cinema.

7 – They have a great beer and wine list.  I suggest checking out one of their Malbecs, love their Albarino and my fav. beer on the list is the Kronenbourg.  Also, the AD bartenders know how to make a mean Grey Goose gimlet.

6 – Parking is difficult, so you have a nice little stroll with your date to your car – which is awesome (assuming the date went well).

5 – Attractive waitstaff will keep your attention if your date doesn’t.  Just saying…

4 – Apres Diem is hip and feels unique.  You don’t feel like you are in a strip mall in the middle of the city.  Upon entering the restaurant, you feel transported to Europe.

3 – The restaurant is dimly lit and has a variety of seating options – tables, half-booths and comfy chairs.  The atmosphere is intimate without feeling overly-romantic.

2 – They have a killer dessert case – which is always useful to prolong a good date.  I’d recommend their pita + hummus and the ahi tuna appetizer, too!

1 – Because I said so…

I’m a big, big fan of Apres Diem and totally recommend it for your next first date.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

xx, L

Apres Diem (Diem Family Restaurants)
931 Monroe Drive NE #C103
Atlanta, GA  30308

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