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Um…so….I just watched Food, Inc.  It was insightful.  It made me do some thinking… Still, I got strawberries at the grocery this morning and ate THIS: But now – I’m sorta worried that I should be worried.    Oh well, Off to LuckyFest… … Continue reading

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I have a pretty strict “getting ready for bed” routine at night and a “getting ready for work” routine in the mornings.  The GRFB routine consists mostly of taking off and undoing everything I did in my morning’s GRFW routine.  However, the one … Continue reading

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Less than 24 hours ago…

…I was here. And here… Gazing at a palm tree paradise and fishing around for shells in the ocean. We didn’t have a care in the world.  We left our shoes here… And relaxed by the beautiful beach to catch some rays … Continue reading

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Dating 101: Girl Talk (For the Men)

Dear Potential Knights-in-Shining-Armor, I’d like to offer you all a little advice regarding the feminine mystique. Sincerely yours, L Let’s talk Girl Talk.  I’m pretty much an expert considering I’ve been Girl Talk-ing since 1988 – thanks to our neighborhood Toys”R”Us!                            Girl … Continue reading

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Your Resident Drugstore Junkie Returns!

Although I love to use Pureology products, my true hair heroin is Biosilk Silk Therapy.  I’ve used it for years and it never builds up in my hair = incredible.  We used  to abuse my mom’s fake hairsytlist ID (don’t ask) to … Continue reading

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