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Mixing It Up @ Yum Bunzzzzzzzz.

Kevin and I didn’t have much time to grab dinner, but we also didn’t feel like defaulting to any of our usual haunts.  I took to Urbanspoon + decided we were going to try Yum Bunz.  (What a great name, btw.)  We … Continue reading

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“I Want” Wednesday: MacKenzie Childs Pup Bowl

This might be my most ridiculous one to date, but I’m sorry I’m not sorry.  I can’t stop thinking about purchasing a set these MacKenzie Childs dog dishes for my little Olive. My mom gave me a set of the … Continue reading

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Have a Someecard V-Day!

The holiday is upon us.  Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, folks!  Have you picked out a special gift for your special someone yet?  If not, Someecards has you covered with these nifty Love Coupons you can cut out + … Continue reading

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The Guiltiest of ALL Guilty Pleasures

TONIGHT!!!!! I’m sorry I’m not sorry.  I can’t even help it. Please don’t judge. And I am EXTRA excited because I LOVE EMILY MAYNARD.   I don’t care if you think she’s boring. She’s so pretty and classy (please don’t … Continue reading

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More on “The Girl” Trilogy…

As I’ve previously blogged numerous times, I’m a BIG, BIG fan of The Girl… series.  I breezed through the first two books and the first two Swedish movies.  The characters are so interesting and well-developed.  The plot is addictively, intricately detailed and twisty.  I couldn’t … Continue reading

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