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Things…have been busy.

So sorry for the MIA.  All kinds of things have been going on.  For me, in particular – it’s mostly this: Yep.  This September I will officially be outnumbered by boys in this house.  Unless you count Olive.  Which we … Continue reading

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Diet Starts Tomorrow, I Guess?

I’m still recovering from dinner at Mary Mac’s Tea Room last night.  It was epic. Don’t judge – you know your mouth is watering.  My out of town buddy wanted fried chicken, so I had no choice but to bring … Continue reading

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“I Want” Wednesday: MacKenzie Childs Pup Bowl

This might be my most ridiculous one to date, but I’m sorry I’m not sorry.  I can’t stop thinking about purchasing a set these MacKenzie Childs dog dishes for my little Olive. My mom gave me a set of the … Continue reading

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I Wished It…and It Came TRUE!

This bag ‘o healthy-goodness was my #1 find during my Whole Foods run yesterday.  The chips are darn good, too.  Way tastier than other veggie chips in my opinion – and I’ve tried them all. Now all I need is Blue Bell cookies … Continue reading

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Been There. Drank That.

Even after living outside of the Lone Star State for nine years now, I still subscribe to the “Bigger is Better” mindset. The Nook in Midtown does, too.  Check out these larger than life cocktails we tried there recently. The Drunken Astronaut: Finlandia raspberry … Continue reading

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