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Blue Apron: Keepin’ It Fresh in the Kitchen

Some friends of ours recently got into this new concept grocery delivery based out of Brooklyn called Blue Apron.  Blue Apron offers a once-a-week subscription service where they deliver all the fresh ingredients you need to make 3 meals crafted by top chefs, … Continue reading

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Working On Our Wife Skillz…

I am not the world’s best chef.  I really like quick + easy meals (time is money, people!), and I LOVE my microwave.  So, I was Meagan’s “most eligible” friend to invite to join her for a cooking class she won at … Continue reading

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Cooking w/ L+L: Anjali’s Spinach Lasagna

My buddy, Anjali, is pretty serious in the kitchen.  I am not.  My dinner repertoire consists of a regular rotation of turkey tacos, baked salmon or tilapia, homemade pizza, crock pot pulled pork, and spaghetti-squash-with-crumbled-veggie-burgers-and-marinara.  Needless to say, Kevin and I eat out A … Continue reading

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SuperBowl 47: Brother v. Brother/Sister v. Sister

So, its Super Bowl Sunday.  It’s the biggest game of the year (apparently.) and I’m actually pretty jazzed up about it.  Not because I like anything that’s consistently classified as “Super” (I do.) or because I care about sports (I … Continue reading

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Return of the Terribly Absent Blogger…

Hello, everyone!  It’s me!  It’s me!  I’ve returned from my two month hiatus! THANK YOU for allowing me that precious time for a little blog cleanse.  After over three years of almost constant blogging, I’ll be the first to admit that you can … Continue reading

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