By Lauren

So…the world is a-buzz with the latest news from Instragram – they’ve revised the Privacy Policy to indemnify themselves in the event they want to steal…and sell your photos.

(Update: apparently, that is NOT their intention…but people were freaking out all day yesterday anyway.)   With all this back and forth, I’m really not sure WHAT is going on exactly…

However, in the midst of all the hype, it did occur to me that perhaps I’m using Instagram wrong…and perhaps so are all my friends.  In fact, if Instagram decided to raid my feed, they’d have access to a treasure trove of pictures of:

people’s feet

Thanks, Jaimi

Thanks, Emma

and food

Thanks, Shannon

and precisely one bazillion photos… of Olive.  

I’m pretty sure that the only way Instagram’s news affected my life is that #Instagram was trending yesterday much higher than the #GossipGirl finale.  Which was pretty #outrageous.

Blair and Serena are not amused.  And neither am I. 

xx (and xoxo),


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  1. Seestah Katie says:

    Totally not amused either, I’m with the QDD and GG. But I loved this post, only because it’s so tru dat.

  2. Miles Briere says:

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