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Last night, some super do-gooding folks + I volunteered at the Atlanta Community Food Bank for a few hours (which was such a great experience + I definitely plan to do it again), and then went out for some hard-earned tacos + drinks at Taqueria del Sol – Howell Mill

About an hour into my margarita the meal + wrist-deep in queso, I pondered if there was really anything in this world more delicious than a sweet margarita + warm queso??

Surprisingly, the answer is YES.

It’s a steaming hot plate of Oysters Rockefeller + a martini!  Sounds snobby to you?  It isn’t.  Cozy up to the bar and order a martini nice + dirtydirty (you know that’s how we roll) and some hot Oysters Rock: oysters on the half-shell topped with creamed spinach, three cheeses + bread crumbsSo freaking delicious, it isn’t. even. FUNNY!

Here’s a snapshot of Slick + my order from Chops in Buckhead on Tuesday night:

oysters rockefeller @ chops

Um yum!  They are always amazingly delicious no matter where you get them (I mean, how could you go wrong w/ creamed spinach + loads of cheese on oysters?), but my personal favorite is found at Fontaine’s Oyster House in the Highlands!

I really heart Fontaine’s.  :)

Next time you are down for drinks + some heavy social eats – mix it up a bit and have the server throw back an order of Oysters Rockefeller for youYou’ll see what I’m screamin’… 

xx, L

Fontaine’s Oyster House
1026 N. Highland Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA  30306

Fontaine's Oyster House on Urbanspoon

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