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Who us?

And us??  :)

Yeah, YOU!!  So, my good buddies + blog regulars, The Caseys, got a mini-goldendoodle (Charlie – pictured below) almost two years ago, and I’ve been more than a little obsessed with him since.  He looks like a teddy-bear-muppet-love-puppy, and he has the cutest disposition.  I wanted one of my own.  I needed one of my own.  (I want a golden goose NOW!!!!!)

I talked about it incessantly to Kevin.  And, around my birthday in January, we made one of our first major married decisions: we were ready to adopt a mini-goldendoodle.  We called Charlie’s breeder, Ayers Pampered Pets, to get on a wait list for our puppy and then we waited…and waited…and researched…and dreamt about what it would be like to have a puppy of our own!  Sometimes Kevin did both at the same time…

Finally, our puppy, who we named Henry, was born on February 12!  We get to take him home on April 12 + we are counting down the seconds until we get to move him in with us!  We got to meet Henry this past weekend over his 4 week birthday to make sure that he is just as awesome in real life as he is in pictures.  We are totally in love, and we’re pretty sure that he thinks we are swell, too!


Doesn’t he look like a teddy bear?!  As it turns out, he will be brothers (same dad) and cousins (Charlie’s mom’s sister) with Charlie.  It’s kinda Jerry Springer-ish, but we’re down with it!

Pictured below is Henry’s first time on grass.  Too funny.

Anyway, we can’t wait to bring him home in a few weeks!  If any of y’all are thinking about adopting, I recommend checking out Ayers.  I’m sure that Charlie and Henry will have brothers, sisters, or cousins ready for adoption soon!

xx, L

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  1. Nicole Rush says:

    Omg! Im in love. Too cute. I have two now and they are the best dogs.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thanks! We can’t wait for him to come home!!

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