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Eleven years ago, Meredith Bass was experiencing some pretty severe back pain and was relying on her chiropractor for relief.  A friend of hers recommended that she strengthen her core muscles to support her back and suggested she check out a Pilates studio down the street from her office.  Meredith took ONE class and she was hooked!  She ended up working out with three different trainers twice a week and saw amazing results in her body and significant pain relief in her back.  She did Pilates until she was seven months pregnant with her first son, and now two kids later, she is teaching.  Meredith’s experience had been mostly with Classical Pilates, but she received her reformer certification from Balanced Body University.  She absolutely LOVES teaching Pilates and watching clients transform their bodies through the use of their core. 

I’ve done Pilates mat classes in the past and thought they were okay, but for the past year or so I’ve really wanted to work out on a Pilates reformer.  People rave about the reformer, but the two gyms I belong to do not offer classes.  So, a friend of mine recommended Meredith to me.  I recently spent an hour in her home studio in the Highlands under her instruction on the reformer, and it was one of the best workouts I’ve EVER had!  I’m not at all exaggerating. 

Pictures of Meredith demonstrating some positions we worked on during our session are below.  Watch her gooooooooo! 

After my session, I was sore in places where I didn’t even realize I had muscles – which means that I haven’t been engaging these areas in my regular workouts.  Meredith was SO awesome, and now I’m addicted to the Pilates reformer! 

Meredith charges $55 per one hour session or you can purchase a pack of 10 classes with her for $500.  This is excellent pricing for one-on-one Pilates reformer workouts, y’all!  I highly recommend.  Swimsuit season is right around the corner, after all…

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