By Lindsay

Slick + I drove to Smyrna this weekend to go blackberry picking with some buddies of ours.  Check out my loot, y’all:

I know, right?  I was impressed, too!  :)

It was a fun morning, but we had one problem: Slick was seriously hungover from the night before.  Around noon, he began to really need something to cut up the alcohol aggressively overtaking his blood stream, so we searched the GPS for the closest non-fast food (yet still greasy/ heavy) restaurant in the area + up popped: Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q.

We use this restaurant to cater work events from time to time, but I am rarely ever OTP + hadn’t visited its home base in Smyrna.  As soon as we got this close to the door, we were greeted with an overwhelmingly delicious aroma of BBQ.  Slick almost crumbled to the floor.  No joke. 

A friendly hostess sat us down + we ordered up large waters and Diet Cokes.  As we worked on Slick’s hydration, we perused the extensive menu.  I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I opened the menu and read the item’s name: Pig in the Garden Salad.  It made me giggle, so I gave it a try.

Slick ordered a pulled pork sandwich + deep-fried onion rings.  While we impatiently waited for our food, the friendly hostess – who was now also our server – dropped over a basket of these tasty cheese muffins.  They were not fat free.  I can tell you that much.  That is pretty much all I can tell you, though, because they were gone almost immediately. 

Shortly thereafter, my salad arrived and it was enormo…and really satisfying.  I mean, how could you go wrong with pulled pork, smoked bacon + homemade croutons?  (I’m still convinced it was a healthy option, too, as there were numerous green + orange things on the plate.)

Slick’s pulled pork sandwich did the trick.  He ate it like a champ + started to feel better immediately. 

He described the onion rings* as “a gift from God,” but he was slightly too ambitious with ordering them as we ended up taking the majority home with us. 

*Reader’s note:  Do not accidentally leave onion rings in your car for more than five hours.  Trust.

Seemed like the OTP BBQ did the trick.  Slick was pleased with his mostly clean plate + pork-stuffed stomach.

As we were heading out, we noticed a nice collection of pig paraphernalia and t-shirts with butt jokes (Oh, how I love a good butt joke.)

Do I recommend driving all the way out to Jim ‘n Nick’s for BBQ if you live in Midtown?  Probably not.  There are plenty of ITP options to explore.  However, if you are OTP + have a BBQ craving or need a quick hangover cure, Jim ‘n Nick’s is absolutely your place.  Prepare yourself for the butt jokes, friends + eat up!

xx, L

Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q
4574 S. Cobb Dr. SE
Smyrna, GA  30080

Jim 'n Nick's Bar-B-Q (Smyrna) on Urbanspoon

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7 Responses to “”

  1. LK says:

    It’s good because it’s BIRMINGHAM BBQ!!! I loooove J&N!!!!!!!

    Glad you did tooooo!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    No way! I didn’t know that! That’s awesome!!

  3. Helen says:

    I just had my first Jim n’ Nick’s experience the other weekend and loveddd it (I’m never OTP either, so it was a revelation)! They might even compete with Fox Brothers eventually…

  4. Lindsay says:

    that is a bold statement, helen, but you just might be right! :)

  5. Lauren says:

    PS this totally reminded me of “I’m not being nice to NOBODY.”

    Which made me snort-laugh when I remembered it.

  6. kevin says:

    best hangover cure. but it knocked me out so hard that….you know….i wasn’t being nice to NOBODY!

  7. Lindsay says:

    it was more like “I’M NOT BEING NICE TO NOOOOBODYYYYYYY!” (baby…)

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