By Lauren

Tonight is the first episode of season 17 of THE BACHELOR and I just couldn’t be more excited.  It is by FAR my favorite of all my guilty pleasure.

I’m extra excited for a few main reasons:

Because I think the current Bachelor, Sean Lowe is absolutely precious

Hello. You're adorable.

Because I generally feel The Bachelor is much more entertaining than The Bachelorette (the girls are just much funnier, IMO)


Because I love to see how Chris Harrison is Benjamin Button-ing (Seriously, Chris – who IS your dermatologist?)

Allergan poster boy?

But this year…mostly because I am competing in a Fantasy Bachelor League!

Last night, 3 of my girlfriends and I determined our rosters through a full-fledged blind draft of the 26 girls over delicious sushi at Sushi Nami Too and though I didn’t get any of my top picks (I had to choose 4th, boo.) I feel pretty solid about my roster. 

Without any further ado, here are my 6 girls:







Sure, some of them have crazy eyes… but even if they turn out to be absolutely certifiable – they’re all doing just fine on the famous  Hot/Crazy scale from How I Met Your Mother.

(As you can see – by this scale…these ladies are all allowed a pretty high amount of crazy.)

If you’d like to play along with the draft… you can earn or lose points these ways:

Episode # times each girl on your roster = points per girl (ie you have all six girls make it through the first rose ceremony in the first episode = 6 points)

First Impression rose = +10

If you have the recognized Villain of the season on your roster = +15 (to be determined collectively by the episode before hometown dates – think Courtney from Bachelor Ben’s season…)

Hometown date = +20

Overnight invite = +25

(accepting the “Fantasy Suite” = +5 extra)

Being selected for a 1 on 1 = +5

Being selected for a 2 on 1 = +2

If your girl WINS the 2 on 1 and the other girl is eliminated= +2

If Sean sends home outside of a rose ceremony or she goes home in an otherwise unorthodox way = -10

If the SHOW team sends  your girl home = -20

Top 2 = +35

Proposal = +40

…and my personal favorite: ANY “wardrobe malfunctions” or inappropriate behavior which results in pixellation of any kind: +5 points!

Oh it is ON.  I was already a serious fan…couple that love with my crazy competitive nature?   I smell a new obsession. 

May the best girls (and I mean Paige, Selma, Tierra, Kelly, Keriann, or Diana) WIN!


xx, L

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