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Friday was one of the most gorgeous days of the year so far, so how better to celebrate it than with pizza for lunch?!  So, Roshal, Slick + I met up @ Piola, a pizza joint with restaurants all over the world that just opened in the 1010 Midtown building around the corner from my office.

hola, piola!

As soon as we walked in, we were accosted by servers with heavy Italian accents trying to get us seated and collect our drink orders.  I definitely appreciated the restaurant’s initial authentic vibe.  The menu was really extensive (see Rosh below) and there were a number of items on it that sounded tasty – however my attention was immediately averted to the pizza section…

rosh w/ massive menu

We all ordered lunch specials, which seemed plentiful and well-priced (salad + entire pizza for about $3 less than a pizza, itself, would normally run you) Probably due to the novelty of the restaurant, which just opened a few weeks ago, and folks wanting to get out of the office for lunch on a beautiful day, the restaurant had a substantial lunch rush and was absolutely packed.  However, we didn’t wait long to get our salads, which were fairly simple – but did the trick, and soon it was…

wall art @ piola

The pizzas were fine.  They weren’t incredible, but they also weren’t terrible…  Mine, the Hawaiian, tasted like an improved version of Little Azio’s pizza.  Slick enjoyed his, which was covered with arugula +  various cheeses. 

pizza @ piola (mine)

pizza @ piola (slick's)

pizza @ piola (slick's)

I think I just would have liked more toppings on mine or something…  That being said, we both finished our pizzas right then and there.  They were thin crust, and frankly, we didn’t feel like we were entering into a food coma or needed to take a nap when we got up to leave.  So I’ll say this, if you had to choose between eating @ Antico, Shorty’s or Piola – you should do it in that order.  However, if you are looking for a cute spot to grab a well-priced, hearty pizza lunch and don’t want it to feel at all like a fast food joint – definitely try Piola.  It’s convenient, the service was great, the food isn’t bad and the adorable decor is energizing.  I’m sure I’ll be back.

Oooooh, also, I picked up a flier on my way out of the restaurant about their Lucky Gnocchi special – information is below…

i heart gnocchi

Lucky Gnocchi Every 29th of the Month @ Piola
There are many stories about the lucky gnocchi tradition.  The most famous one tells the story of San Pantaleon, a missionary, arriving in a small village in Italy on the 29th of an unknown month.  He knocked at the door of a very poor house.  An elderly peasant couple let him in and offered him the only thing they had on the table: Gnocchi.  Soon after, the missionary left and the peasants found some gold coins under their gnocchi plates.  In the meantime, San Pantaleon assembled all the villagers and directed them to gather together each 29th of the month in order to have luck and prosperity in their lives.  The lucky gnocchi legend gained recognition all over the world and a lot of restaurants have “Lucky Gnocchi Day” every 29th of the month. 

Piola has adapted this beautiful legend and believes EVERYBODY is lucky: Enjoy all you can eat homemade gnocchi @ Piola every 29th of the month!  :)

xx, L

1080 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA  30309

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  1. CK says:

    I went there a few weeks ago – it was alright. I got a pizza that supposedly had eggplant on it, but really there were about two pieces of eggplant all on one slice of the pizza. It was also kind of bland. Not as good as Varasano’s, even Fritti, definitely not Antico.

  2. Lindsay says:

    yes – same! where were all the toppings???

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