By Lindsay

Attention!  I have a new go-to restaurant that I need for y’all to know about: Maki Fresh in the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center.

Maki Fresh is the newest fast-casual concept from John Cassimus, founder of Zoes Kitchen.  Offering both traditional and innovative Japanese menu items, Maki Fresh serves sushi, sashimi, rice bowls, salads, sliders + more.  Maki Fresh also offers meals-to-go and self-checkout stations within the store.  Catering and delivery are available.

I’ve eaten at Maki Fresh a number of times over the past three weeks, and I’m a huge fan.  It’s super casual – in fact, last night I threw on a bizarre mix of workout clothes and ski gear and met Gorms for dinner.  I did not question my outfit once while we ate. 

Most of all, the food is fast AND really goodHere are some things I’ve eaten and would recommend…

Kokoyashi Maki Bowl w/ Brown Rice: ahi tuna, coconut, cucumber, scallions + light coconut lime dressing.  It’s my favorite thing on the menu.

Look at all of that food!  And, for only $8.95.  Yeah, you read that right.

Tokyo Maki Bowl w/ Not-So-Fried Brown Rice: chicken, carrots, edamame, yellow pepper, scallions + teriyaki sauce.

Ringo Maki Roll w/ Brown Rice: eel, strawberry, jalapeno + cream cheese.

How creative, right?!  It was gorgeous, too.  And, I love that brown rice is an option!

Their sushi-related offerings are numerous, but Maki Fresh also has beef, chicken salad + salmon sliders for the sushi adverse

Y’all need to try this place.  It’s fresh, it’s yummy, it’s fast – AND it has one of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines!

yeaaaaaaaaaaaa boy!

Love it.  See y’all there!  :)

xx, L

Maki Fresh
2349 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA  30305

Maki Fresh on Urbanspoon

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  1. Gorms says:

    Perfect description!!!

  2. Lauren says:

    You and Katie Kraselsky. She LIVES at the Maki Fresh in Birmingham. Now that ALL my favorite taste makers are on board, I better go try it! Looks delish.

  3. Lindsay says:

    I’ll go w/ you ANY time! You just say when.

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