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I just dashed to Lululemon to retrieve my amazing yoga pants (in which I will be living henceforth) They’ve been there for alterations since my mom and I went a few weeks ago to find her a new Pilates wardrobe. (Let me just tell you, DK is for sure the envy of all the yentas at the BJCC.) I love Lulu. My fabulous NYC and LA friends have known about the athletic line for ages, but just clued me in about 7-8 months or so ago. Anyway, enjoy. Currently we just have a showroom here, located on North Highland, but they have all the basics and the sales girls are presh. I am telling you, their workout gear is gorgeous and flattering and extremely durable. It’s not something I’d wear to, say, Boot Camp, but certainly to LAFit (and definitely running around town afterwards!) The best part? Their bags boasting their “manifesto” on the front…so adorable/amazing/inspiring. The girls even gave me a poster version on my last visit which is currently displayed on my fridge and I have to say, it kind of makes my morning!


They also have a complimentary yoga class in the store every Sunday morning from 10:30 – 11:30! They rotate yoga studios, so if you’re shopping studios, attend regularly so you can get a taste of a few! Also, Thursday July 16th from 6:30 -7:30 Bill Hufschmitd, the owner and founder of Jai Shanti Yoga, will be teaching a rhythmic yoga practice set to live drumming…sounds interesting, yes?

Bonus: Yoforia is right across the street and they have a new flavor: MANGO. It’s phenom. I miss the Green Tea, but it’s an even trade in my opinion. I zipped in there after I picked up my pants and I had some with fruit and fruity pebbles…what what!

1409 Suite F, North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306
tel: 404.249.8900

xx, L

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  1. Sole Matters says:

    I’ll have to check out that store. I love their little “manifesto”! I too miss the green tea at yoforia, so sad when they stopped carrying it!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Live in my lulus!!

  3. Lauren says:

    Would not steer you wrong, Sole, dahling! xx!

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