Well, hello there!  We’re Lauren and Lindsay.

Neither of us are native Atlantans, but A.T.L.A.N.T.A., G.A. is where we S.T.A.Y. and we want you to know why!  We’re always up for a good time and we’re excited to show you why “Every Day Is An Opening Day” (whatever that means) in Atlanta.  With equal parts Lucy/Ethel, Betty/Veronica, Romy/Michele, and Oprah/Gail…we’re the next female tour de force.

Watch out Atlanta – we’re coming for you!




(For what?  That’s beside the point!)

However, if we were running for something, our platform can be found below.

L+L are:

FOR: Happy hour, excessive use of exclamation points, feminism and chivalry, anything from the 1980’s, Mexican food, enormous sunglasses, mussels and muscles, beer-related competitive gaming, Peace on Earth, bubble baths, 3-day weekends, puppies, costume parties, costumes and parties independently, hair products, brunch cocktails, Texas, anything neon, renewable energy, being awesome, human rights, strategic accessorizing, reducing the escalating price of movie tickets, fedoras, mandatory workday nap time, silly mustaches, hot vampires, and your mom.

AGAINST: Alarm clocks, being put on hold, giraffe purses, camping, humidity, cats, children carrying guns, Canada, denim on denim, Atlantans referring to queso as “cheese dip,” man-sandals, and of course, any sandals worn with socks.

UNDECIDED: Texting, parking vehicles on Cheshire Bridge, eating club sandwiches when you have NOT been invited to the club (note: we are generally FOR club sandwiches and frilly toothpicks), “free” yoga classes, pirates v. ninjas, belly dancing, and where to go for dinner most nights…

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