By Lauren

The way I figure it, my liver is my body’s MVP. 

I mean, as evidenced here, here, and here – that itty bitty organ, roughly the size of a football, is definitely earning it’s keep. 


Yep, that little guy does a lot for me so when Shannon Sliger, owner of dTox Juice (remember the dTox Box?  Click HERE), challenged me to try their 7-day Liver Cleanse – how could I refuse?

The Q+DD on the Liver Cleanse is this: each day, you receive a fresh box of goodies which includes four 16oz juices: dTox Water, Liver Flush, Green Juice, Red Juice, and Brazil Nut Milk as well as a vegetable soup, a carrot salad and a beet salad. 

Beet salad and carrot salad. Respectively.

Shannon tells you the order in which to consume these goodies – basically every 2 hours.  Everything is DELICIOUS.   Well, everything except the Liver Flush.   It’s mostly grapefruit, ginger, olive oil and…garlic.  It’s not awful – nothing closing your eyes and pinching your nose can’t fix. 

Trust the process, trust the process.

And, unlike other programs - you can eat on this cleanse!  You can eat as much as you want from a finite list of alkaline foods (check out the full list) Although, I gotta tell you – I don’t know if it was because I knew I could eat if I wanted to – or simply because the juices and salads kept me satisfied – I didn’t find myself supplementing with much extra food at all!  (Just some hummus and bell peppers and cukes – per Shannon’s suggestion)

In the interest of full disclosure, the cleanse is meant for a whole week, but I only committed to 4 days.  BUT: I am here to tell you that I have just completed my 4th day and I feel FANTASTIC!   I’m lighter (3lbs) and brighter and I would SO do it again.  Maybe even for the full 7!

Here are some of the benefits of cleansing your liver (from the dTox website):

Complexion clears and brightens
Dark circles disappear from under the eyes
Some age spots may disappear
Digestion improves
Weight loss becomes easier; cellulite goes away
Energy increases
Sleep improves; need to urinate at night disappears
Aches and pains disappear
Headaches often cease
Memory improves
Mood is better
Allergies go away
Facial Puffiness disappears
Sinus problems clear

You can do the full 7 day cleanse for $500 or wait for the seasonal group cleans that dTox offers for a discounted rate of $350!

I’m totally a believer.  If you’re considering a juice cleanse, I say head on over to dTox and give it a (wheatgrass) shot.

Aaaaand…. back to chewing tomorrow. 

xx, L

dTox Organic Juice
305 6th Street, Atlanta, GA 30308


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