By Lindsay
All I did over the weekend was EAT.  (It was kind of awesome.)  Planning to hit the gym like I’m training for a marathon this week, though.  Here’s a snapshot of my edible excursion across Atlanta:
= Lindsay

= Lindsay

- Dinner @ Pozole (Highlands): Met some colleagues for tacos and margs on Thursday night.  Christine and I loved the mango margaritas made with fresh juice and crushed ice.  Some of my colleagues opted for the jalapeno margs, which also looked amazing.

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- Dinner @ Genki (Buckhead): I’ve eaten an insane amount of sushi around Atlanta, and I think Genki is still hard to beat.  Their rolls are creative and the atmosphere is really lively.  There aren’t too many sushi restaurants in Atlanta with a porch, either.  I had the ahi tuna special with mango and pineapple, which went great with a Kirin Light.

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- Drinks @ Buckhead Fork & Screen: Slick and I met up with one of our favorite couples to see Funny People.  (I was so relieved I could talk someone into seeing it with me!)  BF&S is a fun alternative to normal movie-going.  We had a bucket of beer and really enjoyed the movie.  I thought it was hilarious and was impressed with the cast – Slick thought it was too long, but enjoyed his wheely chair.
- Brunch @ Thumbs Up Diner (Decatur): Thumbs Up is the old Crescent Moon.  I have to say I am sad to see that CM is no longer there, but Thumbs Up retained my favorite CM menu item: The Heap.  It’s pretty much all the bad breakfast food you could imagine cooked and served to you in a skillet.  (Perfect brunch food to cut a hangover.)  I drew Slick a Picasso-esque masterpiece with crayons while waiting for our meal – it’s proudly displayed on his fridge now.  P.S. Thumbs Up is cash only.

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- Lunch @ Yoforia (Highlands): My favorite.  I really think Yoforia was the best thing to happen to the Highlands since El Taco.  I never feel guilty about ordering my original flavor with strawberries, blueberries and mango.  So delicious.
- Dinner @ RA Sushi (Midtown):  I just can’t stay away from this place.  We had an awesome dinner with some of Slick’s friends.  Tried the New Zealand roll with kiwi and a few other fun menu items, all of which were noticeably reasonably priced for Midtown sushi.  Mango martinis were $3.  Amazing.
- Drinks @ RiRa Irish Pub (Midtown):  I’d heard mixed reviews, but I had a great time on Saturday night at RiRa.  It was packed, but there were more than enough bartenders to service everyone and no girl’s bathroom line!  Plus, the shipped-over decor was awesome and I appreciated my server’s authentic Irish accent.
- Brunch @ Parish (Inman Park): We originally wanted to eat at Highland Bakery, but the line was 45 min. long and it was drizzling outside = NOT happening.  Instead, we went over to Parish to eat downstairs.  Parish’s staff is so friendly and I love the rustic, hipster atmosphere.  Pretty much everyone who eats there has the coolest eye wear I’ve ever seen and a Mac with them.  I am clearly fradulent, but I haven’t been exposed yet…  I had a caprese salad sandwich, but the folks I went with all had yummy-looking omelets.  Also, Parish makes their own versions of some of Little Debbie’s staples like oatmeal creme pies and zebra cakes.  They had samples of their original pop tart, too, which was incredible. 

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- Dinner @ Whole Foods (Buckhead): After a long day of playing with puppies at the Atlanta Humane Society and taking advantage of tax-free weekend at Bloomies in Lenox, we debated Shorty’s (my favorite Sunday restaurant), grabbing a burger at George’s in the Highlands or driving over to the O.K. Cafe on W. Paces Ferry, but ended up at Whole Foods in Buckhead.  We left with chicken and sun-dried tomato pizza, rotisserie chicken, mango orange juice and some fruit.  It was a fun modge podge meal to start off Shark Week!!
Taking the day off today to let my blood sugar/ caloric intake settle a bit, but I am  looking forward to trying Leon’s Full Service (Decatur) on Tuesday evening!  (More on that later…)  Please wish my waistline good luck!
xx, L

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  1. Sole Matters says:

    Woah, I was at Genki on Saturday night and then went to Ra on Saturday! I was right across the street from you Saturday night as well, I went to the grand opening of Joia.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Sounds like we have similar taste in food! Would love to know what you thought of Joia.

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  4. CK says:

    that cat in that picture = me all the time. what would I do if none of my friends were foodies? all we do is eat, talk about food, dream about food, then eat some more!!

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