By Lauren

In 26 short days I will be here:

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas

It’s a double edged sword, really. Being at the beach in the middle of the winter is divine…but December is usually a time for big comfy sweaters not bikinis so I am trying to catch a little bit of anorexia will power. Is it contagious? Should I maybe get a supermodel to breathe on me?

Care to share a Diet Coke from the same glass, anyone?

Care to share a Diet Coke from the same glass, anyone?

Needless to say, I am left with mere memories of deliciousness past whilst I graze on my rabbit food.

Today, I am meditating on a recent trip to Morelli’s with the FoodieBuddha.

The Buddha routinely rolls his eyes when I swoon for Yoforia and Tasti D. Newsflash: he has OPINIONS about food. Who knew?

He insisted I experience Morelli’s Ice Cream (please see his post here) and I’m SO glad I did!

The Q+DD is this: Morelli’s is this little bitty hole in the wall on Moreland Avenue (I suggest you bring a boy if you go at night. IJS.) that specializes in out-of-the-ordinary ice creams. They’re also dishing out other homemade goodies such as sorbets, gelatos, smoothies, frappes and even crepes and waffles! morellisAs we walked up to the counter and I checked out my choices, my head almost exploded. Jalapeño Coconut. Dulce de Leche chunk. Strawberry Cheesecake. Red Bean. Ginger Lavender. I sampled e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. and everything was amazing.

The adorable (and patient) little girl behind the counter also had us sample her own personal batch of chocolate bourbon ice cream (which was SURPRISINGLY bourbon-y and delicious) before we decided on our order. I chose strawberry cheesecake and he got straight up strawberry (which was probably a better choice) and we both had some kind of peanut butter deliciousness but neither of us can remember what it was exactly. I don’t know if it was the fact that I haven’t had real ice cream in a decade or what, but this stuff was mind-altering.

Here are a few other flavors you may find on their rotating menu: Death by Chocolate, Red Bean, Karachi Kulfi, Maple Walnut, Avocado, Feta…the B was super disappointed that they were not offering his favorite, Sweet Corn, the night we visited.

BONUS: As if the outside-the-box (carton?) flavors weren’t enough! They run hilarious specials. For example: after 6pm on Monday you can kiss your significant other for 20% off your purchase and Tuesdays you can dance for 15 seconds for the same. Loves it.

Good times. Amazing ice cream.


xx, L

Morelli’s Ice Cream
749 Moreland Avenue Southeast
Atlanta, GA 30316-7000
(404) 622-0210
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  1. Kindredly says:

    Jealous you’re going to the Bahamas. So Jealous.

    Feta flavored ice cream?

    We’re gonna be so skinns after three classes a week and no food. We’ll be supermodels in no time. Fact.

  2. Lauren says:


  3. Joanna says:

    I went shopping today and it was a bit depressing when I realized what size I am now. UGH. Going running now. Ciao!

  4. LK says:

    Joanna you have the cutest figure…ever. Shut it.

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