By Lindsay

The Red Bull Soapbox Race at Piedmont Park on Saturday was an excellent time! 

Hordes of locals came out to watch a bunch of bozos maneuver their intricately-designed soapbox cars down 10th Street.  The sun was out, people were drinking beer + everyone was getting some serious sun.  It was a really great day!

Towards the end of the afternoon, Mrs. Casey + I set out in search of The King of Pops to cool off a bit from all of the sun, when we ran into a mirage: the Honeysuckle gelato truck Mrs. Casey had spotted Honeysuckle before while driving by the Atlanta Food Truck Park, but I not familiar with it.  We quickly became close friends, however…  :)

Honeysuckle specializes in deliciously creamy Southern-inspired gelato + sorbet.

Ever since I spent time in Italy and ate my weight in gelato, I’ve considered myself to be a pretty serious gelato connoisseur.  (Don’t judge – everyone knows gelato is better for you than ice cream…)  Honeysuckle’s vision is to combine the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavors and desserts of the South.  My expectations were high. 

Jess tried the Pucker Up lemon sorbet.

I meant business, so I tried both the S’mores (graham cracker gelato with fudge, marshmallow + caramel) AND the Dock of the Bay (sea-salted caramel gelato).  I was in heaven.  HEAVEN!

My bold order inspired Mrs. Casey to order an additional cup of the Front Porch watermelon sorbet for someone else in our group to try/ us to see what that was about, too.

Every flavor we tried was beyond delicious!  It was such a special treat to help us cool down from the sun!

If you love gelato – you will LOVE Honeysuckle!  Click HERE to read more about the Honeysuckle gelato truck + view their detailed truckin’ schedule. 

Worth every single calorie, my friends!

xx, L

Honeysuckle Gelato Food Truck

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