By Lauren

So, it’s the 2nd night of Chanukkah and I had my VERY FIRST Chanukkah dinner!

Feeling pretty impressed with myselfmostly since usually it’s the 4th or 5th night of Chanukkah when I finally realize the holiday is even underway.

Not this year, my friends. I am officially a Cohen and I figure, no time like the present to start having traditions! We had SUCH a lovely night and it so easy to put together – so I thought I’d post a little how-to so that you could do it, too! Jewish or not, this was an awesome dinner and I would re-create it anytime.

Here are the top 5 things that made it a success:

1. Brisket. I felt like we had to have brisket to make it a “real” Jewish holiday. So, at 10am I woke Greg up and told him he had to go get me a 6lb slab of brisket and some veggies so I could construct the Barefoot Contessa’s brisket recipe. You can view it HERE. I followed the instructions to a T – and it was not only so incredibly easy – but DELICIOUS. I recommend it to any new housewife who wants to impress her husband.

2. All-Clad Roasting Pan. You guys, we got EIGHT of these from our registry. EIGHT. Every time one would come through the door, I’d act excited… but inside I was scared that someone might ask me to use it one day. Today was that day and I ended up being SO grateful for this magnificent piece of kitchenware. It is not only functional, but pretty enough to use as a serving piece. 

To all 8 lovely people who bestowed one of these upon us: thank you. Thank you thank you. (and I’m sorry that might have cursed your names previously.)

3. MacKenzie-Childs Chargers. My mom gave us a set of these as a shower gift to my absolute delight – my mom is the ultimate hostess and her Mac-C chargers play a huge role in many of her elaborate tablescapes. I had planned on using them as chargers, but tonight I used them as dinner plates, as my mom often does, they add the perfect amount of whimsy to the dinner table. The best part? They go right in the dishwasher. Perfection.

with the monogrammed napkins from our wedding!

4. Easy side dishes. Ina’s never done me wrong, so I also made her SUPER easy recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts (check it out HERE) and frozen latkes that I found at Kroger. (I didn’t feel guilty for one second that I didn’t make homemade latkes with potatoes I grated myself… I am THRILLED that my knuckles weren’t shredded along with those potatoes and that my house does NOT smell like burnt oil. And I still had enough time left over today to clear out my DVR and go shopping. Huzzah!)

5. Marshall’s. Greg went to 3 grocery stores who all informed him that their Chanukkah candles “weren’t in yet.” (hello – it’s night #2!) But Marshall’s to the rescue. They had super cool tie-dye looking Chanukkah candles that didn’t drip ONCE! Win.

We’re also grateful for good friends. Even though we don’t live in the same state as our families, we are SO grateful for friends that feel like family. It was so fun to make memories and start new traditions with our friend-family here in the ATL. Extra bonus: They’ll drink plenty of wine with you and nobody’s judging.

Here’s to 8 Crazy Nights!

xx, L

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  1. Michelle says:

    Bed Bath and Beyond for Chanukah candles, too! For future reference.:)

  2. LC says:

    Good to know! thanks!

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