By Lindsay

Okay – big news!  Huge!  My #1 favorite band in the entire universe, Guster, is playing at Variety Playhouse on Thursday and Friday!

Guster is almost always on tour and their live shows are sick.  Their music was pretty much the soundtrack to my college experience.  On top of that, they are pretty funny guys, too.


Here’s a little peek at what’s in store for us this week…

Anyway, I’ve been a huge Guster fan since high school, and I even got to hang out with them once after a show in Austin when they were signing autographs at Stubbs.  They met us for drinks on 6th Street after.  Highlight of my college career?  You betcha.  (Mich is going to kill me for digging up these.)  :)


Not sure you know who Guster is?  Please.  Here’s the Q+DD on only the greatest alternative rock band EVER.

Don’t miss them, folks.  That is a serious warning…  Kevin and I want to jam out with you on Thursday!  Ticket information HERE.

xx, L

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