Thank YOU!

We are SO GRATEFUL for ALL of our super cool friends!

Amy Wolkove
Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

THANK YOU, thank you thank you for designing our amazing site.  Particularly our phenomenal logo.  Just, basically, thanks for being so fabulous and having such good taste.

Mark Wolfe
Web Wrangler

Thanks for getting us off the ground, answering all of our 2394812981 questions, and for bearing with two very non-technical, somewhat demanding, type A+ ladies.  We adore you.

Kevin Young
Legal Eagle

Thanks for making sure we don’t get lawyered…  Thank you, also, for providing us with endless, blogworthy material and suggestions.  You’ve been quite an inspiration…

Katie Kraselsky Held
Fashionista Seestah

Thanks for being so stylish and for being so cute we can hardly even stand it.

Greg Cohen
Social Media Sherpa

If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t know Foursquare from French Toast.  Thanks for the hashtags, all the articles, the little lessons and the patience.  You’re awesome.

Terry Carroll

Thanks for your brilliance in editing.  And, for helping us evaluate dipping sauces.

Ashley Gillespie
Blog, Fashion, Life Muse

Thanks for being a blog inspiration and for keeping us entertained at  Also, thanks for teaching us how to blog and for keeping LK sane during the work day.

Techie Tweaker

Thanks for all the tiny things you do that amount to a LOT.  Oh, and thanks for writing your amazing blog –

Thanks to our glitzy little crew and our other partners in crime for allowing us to write about your antics and post pictures of your mugs without consultation.

Thanks, particularly, to our regulars:  Christine Kim, Erin Ziff, La and Jeff Gruenhut, Shauna Milstein, Olive, Seth Berman, Kurt and Anjali Kastorf, Roshal Marshall, Dana Wallace, Stacey and Stuart Shapiro, Amy and David Sarif, JAX-readers, Brian Held, Michael Roberts, Erin Greenway, Jennifer Homer, Amy Krost, Dana Kaplan, the Vandy Law Boys, all of our fabulous people in Texas and Alabama, and, of course, the Benators of the world. (And, to everyone else we forgot.  Surely that list is long…)

Mostly, thanks to our families.  Even if you don’t read every day…

xx, L + L