By Lauren

Is there anything more delicious than tater tots?


What about tots…topped with delicious Brunswick stew and covered in melted cheese?

The "Tominator" at Fox Bros BBQ

This monstrosity masterpiece may be a little messy to store in the side pockets of your cargo pants, but it’s definitely one of the most delicious, albeit appalling things I have ever eaten.

As most of my hall of fame meals are, Fox Bros was a suggestion (commandment?) from Seth who insisted on ordering our entire meal (A request I’d never fight!) so we definitely moved on to some pretty spectacular ‘que

including the smoked wings...delish!

But I think the Tominator changed me a little.  I do.

xx, L

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q
(404) 577-4030
1238 Dekalb Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

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  1. Erica says:

    ahhh! Tominator is the most deliciously unhealthy thing on the planet. My boyfriend and his friends are obsessed with fox bros, we’ve had it catered for a couple of parties. I love love it!

    Another delicious tot-mix is from The Nook, called Totchos. Nachos with tots instead of chips! Oh man, I’m getting hungry.

    “Napoleon, give me some of your tots”

  2. Lindsay says:

    fox bros. is slick’s favorite!!

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