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Slick, LK, G$, The Caseys + I took advantage of Midtown Restaurant Week on Tuesday night at Pasta da Pulcinella – a restaurant I haven’t been to in s.i.x. years.

hello, stranger!

We selected PdaP because although it has been eons since my last visit and several folks in the group hadn’t even heard of it, the menu selections for MRW looked pretty solid and we liked the location (situated right next to CosmoLava on Peachtree Walk).

Most of the table started off their meals with PdaP’s Arugula Salad with lemon vinaigrette, pine nuts + goat cheese.

Sam + I ordered a simple Caprese Salad: fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato slices in oil and balsamic.  (This picture inspired me to turn on my flash…)

A colleague of mine (and multiple Yelp reviewers) raved about the Tortelli Di Mele, so I ordered it for my entree.  It was FANTASTIC!  It’s ravioli filled with browned Granny Smith apples, sausage + parmigiano topped with browned butter, sage + an apple cider reduction drizzle.  If you didn’t fully take in my all-caps before, I will do it again…  This dish is FANTASTIC!

Jessica’s dish, however, reminded me of vomit. 

I’m just being real, y’all…

Not only was it the least photogenic entree I’ve seen in a long time, but it was just plain boring.  Tagliatelle Verdi All Bolognese: spinach tagliatelle with a hearty ragu of veal, beef, pork, onions, carrots, tomatoes + a touch of cream.  Reminds me of my “everything’s got to go” night when I clean out the fridge and throw a bit of everything into a surprise dinner dish for Slick.  Lucky Slick.  :)

Guess you can’t win them all, PdaP.

Slick’s dish was pretty delish, though.  He ordered the Monkfish w/ Risotto (he’s had a soft spot in his heart for monkfish ever since our server at Local Three called it the “poor man’s lobster”).  Slick likes charity cases.  However, monkfish is definitely not one – it’s very tasty – it just has a PR problem.

The desserts were simple and kind of what you’d expect.  We had Creme Brulee, Cannolis, Tiramisu + Cheesecake (not pictured – it was having a bad hair day).

Overall, the meal was good.  We all enjoyed it – no complaints.  PdaP is definitely not my favorite restaurant, but it’s perfectly fine.  I like the quaint house it’s located in that is dwarfed by the tall buildings on 14th, the service was sufficient, the meal was well-priced, we enjoyed ourselves, it just wasn’t anything to scream about.  Honestly, though, not every meal needs to be something to shed tears of joy over.  However, I will say that my entree (Tortelli Di Mele) was…again…FANTASTIC!  It’s worth the visit just to try it.  Trust.

Thanks, Midtown Restaurant Week, for a fun meal with fun friends!  (P.S. You can still take advantage of MRW’s specials until 9/4!)

xx, L

Pasta da Pulcinella
1123 Peachtree Walk NE
Atlanta, GA  30309

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  1. Lauren says:

    My favorite line: “Monkfish isn’t a charity case. It just has a PR problem.” Shall we make an intro to CW or someone?


  2. Lindsay says:

    Ha! Cute. :)

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