By Lauren

…from my trip to Charleston!

DO make a sweet mix CD for the drive
DO grab a superfun couple with whom to share the road (and possibly a room if your house turns out to be overcrowded, as ours did)

Awkward button!

DON’T forget to stop in Augusta, GA for a little breakfast at Mickey D’s and some Scoop-hunting

DON’T forget your church key when you go to the beach

(and have to MacGyver your beer open with a chair)

DO have rooftop cocktails at the Rooftop Cocktail Bar above the Vendue Inn

DON’T listen to “Escape” on repeat if you don’t actually want to eventually crave a piña colada

Yes I like piña coladas! And getting caught in the rain...

…and finally…

definitely DO try FIG Restaurant on Meeting Street.

FIG has been on my wish-list of Charleston restaurants ever since I planned my sister’s bachelorette weekend there last year.

We spent most of our Charleston trip on the Isle of Palm beaches, but Greg, Jaimi, Mike and I decided to spend our last day milling around Chaz and shopping on King Street, then boys decided to take us out for dinner!  Win!

Let me just tell you, Fig did not let me down! The daily menu, chock full of fresh and local ingredients, was gorgeous.

After a week full of junk food, I was craving something green, so I tore a leaf out of darling, vegetarian Jaimi’s book and ordered the fresh vegetable plate!

I stole a few bites of the boys’ swordfish and steak and while everything was wonderful, I was very happy with my choice - those veggies were spectacular! (Sorry no pix.  They didn’t come out very appetizing and definitely don’t do the meal justice, unfortch)

The restaurant itself is adorable and cozy and RIGHT up my ally.

Also noteworthy was our incredible service. Our server was so helpful in both our wine and food choices and even took the time to educate us a little bit about the local food scene…which I loved, of course!

Fun fact: FIG stands for Food Is Good…and it WAS!  Our little double date with Sharkerman was the perfect end to our trip.  If you make it to Chaz, you should definitely give it a try.

(843) 805-5900
232 Meeting St
Charleston, SC 29401
Fig on Urbanspoon

Oh, and as far as I’m concerned, Charleston?  ALWAYS a “DO”!

xx, L

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