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This post is incredibly long overdue.  Right around Christmas time, Kevin and I had ourselves a nice, little double date with our buddies, The Caseys, at Del Frisco’s Grille in Buckhead.  For over a month now, I’ve been wanting to tell you all about what we ate.  (Where does the time go??)

Del Frisco’s Grille (DFG) boasts locations in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Phoenix, and Washington, DC.  Ours opened in the space formerly occupied by Craft Atlanta(RIP)  Here’s a peek inside.

While I personally preferred what Craft did with the space, DFG mastered the upscale bar look with their renovations – which is more appropriate for what they’re going for anyway.

DFG’s menu is sizable with nice coverage on the appetizers and flatbreads list.  You could easily make a whole tapas-style meal out of those two sections alone and leave completely full.  In fact, the next time I’m at DFG that is exactly what I intend to do.

We sat + ordered cocktails, and we smiled when they came out on these cute coasters.  The DFG bartenders pour well.

So, here’s what we ate:

Ahi tacos: tuna tartare, avocado, spicy citrus mayo.  My favorite thing we tried.  They are delicious and a must-get for the table!

Cheesesteak egg rolls: sweet & spicy chili sauce, honey mustard.  They were fun to try and I’d recommend for every DFG first-timer to order them, but I’m not sure that I’d get them again because they were so heavy.  Totally worth trying once, though!  (They are extremely photogenic, too, which I very much appreciate in my food.)  :)

Orecchiette pasta: lemon-thyme chicken, fresh spinach, garlic cream parmesan.  Jess ordered this.  She said it was fine.  It looked pretty basic to me.  I feel like there are other things on the menu that are a bit more exciting.

Chicken schnitzel: sweet potato spaetzle, bordelaise sauce, fried egg, brown butter, parmesan.  Sam opted for this creative dish.  He said it was pretty darn good, too!

The Grille prime cheeseburger: double patties, lettuce, tomato, sloppy sauce, frites, pickle.  Kev and I both went for the burger, and we were very pleased.  It wasn’t quite as good as Bocado or Holeman + Finch’s master burgers, but it was still really satisfying and I’d definitely order it again.  The fries were also pretty tasty, and we loved that the ketchup came out in a squirt bottle.  Very cute touch.

Del Frisco’s Grille was good.  We had a good time and enjoyed a good atmosphere with some good food.  Was it great?  I don’t know.  Will I go again?  For sure.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – not every meal has to be Bacchanalia.  If it was, Bacchanalia wouldn’t be nearly as special.  There is room in my social life and stomach for good food.  DFG did a fine job changing up Craft’s space, and its bar scene is perfect for the Buckhead banker-types.  It’s a fun place to see + be seen, and I think it will do well in Atlanta.  If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you all to give it a shot.  At the very least, you have to test out a cheesesteak egg roll once in your life!

And when you’re there, walk over to the new Mandarin Oriental hotel and take a peek inside like Jess and I did after dinner.  There is some serious loveliness happening in there!

xx, L

Del Frisco’s Grille
3376 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA  30326

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