Feb 11

Warm Beverage Fashion at CB2

This winter weather makes me want to drink warm beverages pretty much all day long.  And when I do, I naturally want to do it in style.  My choice bev is my morning Nespresso out of my trusty lime green Pixie, who I’ve named Julius.  Isn’t Julius handsome?  He thinks you are pretty cute, too.  Julius is such a flirt…


Lately, I’ve been stocking up on cute, modern beverage vehicles at CB2 in Midtown.  They have a super-great stock!  Below are a few of my favorites.


Shelton Press Coffee Maker – $43.95


Vienna Stainless Steel Coffee Pot – $29.95.  So sleek.


DGC Mug – $3.95.  Probably my favorite coffee mug ever – sassy and I love that handle.


Cantina Glass Mug – $3.95


Silicone Grey Espresso Cup – $3.50.  Comes in aqua and neon orange, too.


Double Wall Espresso Cup – $5.95


Rocket Tea Infuser – $6.95.  Really love this guy!


And that is just a taste.  So many adorable items at CB2 to keep your warm beverages stylish, y’all!  :)

xx, L

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Feb 10

My Mean Green Midday Snack

Single-serve Good Food’s Tableside Chunky Guacamole from Costco has become my go-to midday snack.  Gotta love the good fats!


I dip carrots or whole wheat tortilla chips in it, and I seriously appreciate that it is a single serving or I’d probably keep going all day.  (You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl! #texasforever)  It’s the most satisfying snack you will want to have in arms reach!  Trust.

xx, L

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Nov 20

You Need This: Purity Cardigan by Velvet

So, I have the privilege of working in a very casual environment full of people who have amazing taste.   Not too long ago, I had an particularly stylish lady in my office for an incredibly productive meeting… mostly because at the end of it, she had sent me links to purchase her entire outfit.  My favorite piece, though was this cardigan by Velvet:


You guys, I wear it ALL. THE. TIME.  It makes my dresses funkier and my jeans more polished.  It’s perfect for a plane ride and is giving my plain t-shirts new life.  Basically, it’s becoming my favorite article of clothing.

Its Closet MVP status was solidified when G and I were catching up on The New Girl last night and GREG spotted Cece… in my cardigan!

Cece Cardigan

Obviously, I had to rock it today.  Witness:

LC Cardi

(I mean, I’m ALMOST as cute as Alejandro behind me!)

Join Cece, my cute co-worker, and me and get yours HERE! 

xx, L


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Nov 19

My Secret Consignment Addiction EXPOSED.

I’m a consignment newbie.  I recently purged my closet of outdated (and v. gently loved for a time) clothes, shoes, and accessories, and instead of taking them straight to Goodwill, I brought them over to Labels Resale Boutique on Paces Ferry in Buckhead.  And over the course of the last month, I’ve made a smooth $200 so far!


I first heard about Labels from a super fashionable friend of Rosh’s who was wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps I complimented.  She informed me she’d snagged them at Labels for less than half of their retail sticker - and she ROCKED them!  The store (or stores, rather, since there are actually 3 of them sprawling Paces Ferry near the Buckhead Whole Foods) has won Jezebel Magazine’s “Best Consignment in Atlanta” bragging rights for the past three years running.  So, they are legit.


I turned a portion of my dough earned from selling off an old Michael Kors watch, a David Yurman necklace, a Marc Jacobs bracelet, and a wool Burberry scarf into a pair of resale 4 inch black Ferragamo pumps in perfect condition and a pair of brown quilted Hunter rainboots for next to nothing.  Now, I’m officially obsessed and regularly stalking Labels’ well-maintained Instagram account (@labelslately) featuring loads of previously owned/gently cared for Chanel, Gucci, LV, Christian Louboutin, Tory Burch, etc.

Maybe now it will be your secret addiction, as well…  :)

xx, L

Labels Resale Boutique – Buckhead (they have a Vinings location, too!)
3202 Paces Ferry Pl.
Atlanta, Georgia  30305

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Aug 18

I Wished It…and It Came TRUE!

This bag ‘o healthy-goodness was my #1 find during my Whole Foods run yesterday.  The chips are darn good, too.  Way tastier than other veggie chips in my opinion – and I’ve tried them all.

Now all I need is Blue Bell cookies ‘n cream ice cream to have veggies hidden in it, and I will be able to eat chips + ice cream ALL day long and it will be TOTALLY healthy! 

(Not really, but just saying, a girl can wish!)

xx, L

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