Mar 09

Inman Park Restaurant Week (3/26 – 4/1) Info Announced!

HOORAY!  Restaurants in my favorite area of Atlanta are on “sale” again for Inman Park Restaurant Week from March 26 – April 1Time to make some rezzies, y’all…

Located just two miles east of downtown Atlanta, Inman Park is not only the home of glorious Victorian mansions and contemporary new lofts, but also a major culinary destination.  Restaurant-rich, the area has more than 14 restaurants and pubs, offering everything from American, Southern, European, and ethnic cuisine to your favorite pub dishes.

Savor historic Inman Park with three-course dinners from the following restaurants: 

$15 Menu
North Highland Pub
The Albert

$25 Menu
Park’s Edge
il Localino
One Eared Stag
Sotto Sotto*
Pure Taqueria
Barcelona Wine Bar*
Parish Food and Goods

$35 Menu
Kevin Rathbun Steak

(*= my favorites…)

More info here: EAT IN INMAN!  And, enjoy!  :)

xx, L

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Jan 23

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast (Grant Park)

Over my birthday weekend, Kevin took it upon himself to make plans.  Shocked, I was, shocked!  And, v. pleased.  :)

He arranged for a number of excellent meals over the weekend, but my favorite thing we did was have a little stay-cation at The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast in Grant Park.

Here’s the Q+DD on The Social Goat:

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast is located in downtown Atlanta, and is in the community surrounding the oldest city park, Grant Park.  The park was established in 1882 when Lemuel P. Grant gave the city of Atlanta 100 acres and the city acquired an additional 44 acres to create a park for its citizens, eventually developing Atlanta’s largest historic neighborhood.  A failed circus traveling through town in 1889 was purchased and animals were placed in what is now Zoo Atlanta for spectators.  In 1892, the circular painting of the Battle of Atlanta was exhibited in the park and is now housed in the Atlanta Cyclorama.  Just one block from the park, guest can enjoy all the attractions and much more while the stay at The Social Goat.

the social goat exterior

The Social Goat was originally built in 1900 as a Queen Anne Victorian to accommodate 13 children.  Once a working farm and homestead, the house was located on a large piece of property that eventually was sold to make way for suburban building.  This property is now 3/4 of an acre and once again has a miniature barnyard.  Residents include two nigerian dwarf goats named “Sherman” and “Tallulah”, three cats named “Monkey, Leon, Tanuki”, three black spanish turkeys, 12 chickens, and plenty of goldfish and koi that inhabit the pond.  The Social Goat welcomes you with southern hospitality, and invites you to stay and relax on their little city farm.

Prior to our stay at The Social Goat, I hadn’t heard about this bed + breakfast before, so I was super impressed that Kevin had booked our stay at such a unique place!  When we arrived, we took a brief tour of the house – which was beautiful. 

Here’s a peek:

We moved in our bags, quickly changed + headed to Barcelona Wine Bar in nearby Inman Park for an EXCELLENT dinner. 

barcelona wine bar

The next morning, Kristy (The Social Goat owner + innkeeper) made us breakfast in the dining room.  She borrowed eggs from the chickens on her farm behind the house.  The breakfast was DE-licious.  A true feast.

Finally, it was time to meet the animals!  This was the biggest highlight for me!  We hung out with the most friendly, dog-like, dwarf goats named Sherman + Tallulah. 

I. fell. in. LOVE!! 

They, however, were slightly less interested in us, and way more interested in my bright purple jacket.  Oh well.  Still soooooooo unbelievably cute!

Then, we met the roosters who had woken us up in the morning.  This one is named Fabio

Kevin and I did not make friends with the turkeys.  They were jerks.

We really could have played with the animals all day…

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast truly deserves the positive reviews and praise it’s received on Yelp!  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a little getaway within the city.  It was such a unique experience – one that I know I will never forget.  I just loved!

More info on The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast here: Gobble til ya Wobble!

Miss you, Sherman + Tallulah…

xx, L

The Social Goat Bed + Breakfast
548 Robinson Ave.
Atlanta, Georgia  30315

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Dec 02

Barcelona Wine Bar!

Ok I am tardy to the party.  I visited Barcelona Wine Bar WEEKS ago and forgot to tell you all about it.

Inhabiting the space where Zaya used to be in Inman Park, it’s (you guessed it) a Spanish tapas joint and it is AMAZING.    The space is absolutely gorgeous, all wood-plank walls, warm and cozy and outrageously lively and fun.

(Photo credit and more pix click HERE –

It was PACKED the night my girl Brooke and our G’s (George + Greg.  Duh.) went – which was a Wednesday if memory serves.  Word on the street is that it stays pretty busy…

I’ll be completely honest, I don’t remember exactly what I ate.  The menu is a huge list of tapas and we tried a TON.

Luckily I snapped some pix:

Roasted chickpea puree with house made pita chips


Ham and cheese croquetas

Albondigas. (meatballs, and sorry for the gross picture. They were delicious, actually.)


I suggest bringing a fun couple. B+G will do nicely...

Love my Brooke!

Everything was delicious and I can’t wait to go back again!   Apparently, it’s part of a chain up in New England, but I didn’t feel like I was in a chain restaurant at all.

It’s perfect for just about every kind of dining experience: girls’ night, date night, etc. – but I think it would be a perfect first date spot.  It’s got that perfect blend of low key and fun!

Anyway – go, enjoy.  But make a rezzie.  That place is CROWDED.

xx, L

Barcelona Wine Bar
(404) 589-1010
240 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

Barcelona Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

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Aug 18

One Eared Stag: My New #1!

The Caseys, Slick + I had ourselves a little double on Saturday at One Eared Stag in Historic Inman Park

Attention: It’s my new favorite Atlanta restaurant.  #1!  You guys, it’s AMAZING.

Chef Robert Phalen + the folks behind Holy Taco in East Atlanta Village opened One Eared Stag in the old Shaun’s space.  The restaurant still looks a lot like Shaun’s, as you’ll see below, but now it’s covered with somehow hipster-y animal heads mounted on the wall.  Lindsay likes.  Witness:

We were seated next to this guy.  Hello!

When we sat down and were handed the drink menu, I was stoked to see that they offered a Moscow Mule (vodka, ginger beer + lime) on their cocktail menu. It’s one of my new fav. go-to cocktails. The bartender made an excellent one, too.

my moscow mule

Our meal, the service and the overall experience were insanely good + I seriously can’t wait to go back to One Eared Stag.  Their menu changes daily and features lots of local and seasonal items in small plates, big plates + sides.  Here’s what we ate…

Fancy mozzarella + pesto small plate.

Mouthwateringly delicious muscles.  Some of the best I’ve had in a long time.

OMG!  Pig ears w/ a fried egg.  I ate that!  And, it was g.o.o.d.

For my entree, I had the seafood stew.  I really, really enjoyed it and strongly recommend.

Jess had the pasta dish w/ bacon.  Everyone ate off of her plate because it was so tasty.

Slick is on a chicken kick for some reason, so he ordered…chicken.  I didn’t taste it, but he said it was “the bomb” at least three times.  Trust Slick.


Sam ordered chicken liver.  I DO NOT like chicken liver AT ALL.  But, he said that it was some of the best he’d ever had.  Gross, but cool – I guess.


Jess + I probably had more than a few drinks…

And then it was dessert time!

As I remember it, the dessert that Sam + Jess shared was grilled french bread covered in Nutella w/ whipped cream + strawberries.  It was pretty simple, but truly divine.  DIVINE.

Slick + I opted for the panna cotta.

They were both good, but Jess + Sam’s was better.

We were STUFFED + we all agreed that it was an absolutely fantastic meal. 

When we left, Slick met this guy outside of the restaurant: a 187 lb. Great Dane named Simon.  He was enormo!  :)

Welcome OES to my new #1 spot!  I’ll be back very soon!

xx, L

One Eared Stag
1029 Edgewood Ave.
Atlanta, GA  30307

One Eared Stag on Urbanspoon

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Jul 25

Brunchie Munchies…

Here at the Q+DD, we take Sunday brunching pretty darn seriously.  And, as we’ve previously mentioned, Serpas True Food offers one of the best brunches around town.  Today, I’m about to show you two very compelling + decadent reasons why I fell in love all over again yesterday with Serpas’ Sunday brunch.

1 – New Orleans Beignets dusted with confectioners sugar.  JUST the right amount, too.

2 – Pigs in a Blanket with housemade andouille sausage, puff pastry + creole mustard.  Divine, divine!

These are just two of my favorite brunch items to share at Serpas – we aren’t even getting into the entrees themselves at this point…  Serpas’ brunch is absolutely stellar!  Out of this world, even.  AND, get ready for this one, they have the best coffee mugs around town.  Fact.

Def. make a reservation for Serpas’ Sunday brunch this weekend:)

xx, L

Serpas True Food
659 Auburn Ave. NE #501
Atlanta, GA  30312

Serpas True Food on Urbanspoon

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