Jul 19

Smart Summer Travel Tips

I usually travel about two weekends each month, but July is completely out of control.  By the time July is over, I will have spent at least part of every weekend in another city…

Syracuse + Skaneatles:

d's wedding

hellloooooo from heaven

N. Georgia Mountains:

gorgeousness @ lake burton, but watch out for...

...this guy. eek!

Columbia (SC):

levin wedding @ columbia museum of art

dancing machines

Random Arkansas:

Even random-er New Jersey, where I really hope to see:

my fav. gym-tan-laundry homies, the cast of Jersey Shore!

(Love things + people + awesomeness from New Jersey as much as I do?  If so, you may want to know about Jersey Shore’s Mike “the Situation’s” first stab at literary excellence: http://tiny.cc/gj75j!  I digress…)

I’ve learned a few things here and there throughout my travels, and I am confident that I can reduce some travel-related stress with just five points to remember below:

5-  If you are flying out of or connecting in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport and need food or want to waste away a few hours at a bar while waiting for your departure, head directly for Terminal E.  They have my favorite food selections, including some healthy options, and a really great wine bar located right next to the duty free store = dangerous.  Also, Term. E has the only fine dining restaurant in the airport, One Flew South, for you fancy-pants travelers, you.

One Flew South (Terminal E)

4- Go through security in the first class + medallion gate.  I am a Delta medallion flyer and always go through the security gates all the way to the back of Delta’s check in area, and I have NEVER had anyone ask me to show them proof of my status.  Don’t be a schmo, if you are in a rush to make your flight, take advantage of a faster line for securityI promise I won’t tell on you…

don't do it.

3-  Need a last minute mani/pedi before the big trip, but don’t have much time?  No problemo.  Head on over to the XpresSpas in Terminals A + C for some quickie pre-flight spa services.

XpresSpa (Terminals A + C)

2-  Why waste $30 to check your bags when you can just be a thoughtful packer and save yourself some dough?  Carry on your baggage whenever possible – particularly if you are flying Delta, which has the highest incidence in the airline industry for losing traveler’s baggage.  Slick lost his luggage on Delta five times out of the last eight flights he’s taken.  Fact. 

Ladies:  Do not EVER pack your make-up or a bridesmaid dress.  Trust me – it’s never worth the risk.

delta hates you, slick

1-  Talk to your neighbor(s) on the plane – at least for a little while.  You never know who you’ll meet.  I’ve had friends who have met people who have set them up on dates, helped them to network for jobs and made some pretty cool random connections – even if it’s just a new book recommendation.  Who knows, you may even find a friend to chow down w/ at One Flew South in Terminal E… 

pleased to meet you - i am your new friend, lindsay.

Just, please, watch out for snakes.  (Don’t say I didn’t warn you, oh weary travelers…)

Snakes on a Plane

Safe travels this summer.  See y’all around Hartsfield-Jackson!  :)

xx, L

One Flew South
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
600 N. Terminal Parkway (Terminal E)
Atlanta, GA  30320

One Flew South on Urbanspoon

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