Feb 14

My BIG ROMANTIC Valentine’s Day Plans


Love is


(Card available HERE on Etsy)

The whole season. Available now.  Who needs restaurant reservations?  


“If they want to binge then we should let them binge.” – Kevin Spacey

And so we will.

xx, L

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Sep 29

Girls: Is it 2014 yet?

So, HBO’s Girls isn’t coming back until 2014.  Ssssssigh.  I guess I’ll have to entertain myself with my own awkwardness for another several months.

To tide us over, they’ve released the first official teaser…which is a series of Instagram photos from the cast and crew which tells me almost nothing except that people go to the beach and Jessa is back on the scene, but I enjoyed it anyway.  Witness:

I also HIGHLY enjoyed last night’s SNL version with new character Blerta (Tina Fey, obvi.)

Check it:

I mean, amazing.  Obligatory Hashtag First World Problems.


Hannah: I just don’t know how anything is gonna turn out.
Blerta: It’s okay, you are only 15.
Hannah: No I’m not, I’m 24.
Blerta: 24?  What the f— is wrong with you?

xx, L

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May 07

The Met Ball 2013: Punktastic

So, the Met Ball 2013’s theme was “Punk: Chaos to Couture” and though Joan Rivers I am not…

(I love you, Fashion Police.)

I have 5 “must see looks” that I want to discuss.

1. I don’t care what anyone says – I love her and I love this and I wish I got to wear it. From the crazy feather headdress to the plaid knee high boots. Want.


2.  I die. Heids is perfection.

Just yes.

3.  We get it, Anne. You’re soooooooo edgy.  (and I really do love it.)

I dig it, Anne.

3. Elizabeth Banks looks like a gilded villain from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

EBanks. Did you forget pants?

B- stole my look!

4. From the “Pancho” Collection, we have Ashley Olsen…

…and Lily Cole

5. and I might give a straight up “WHAT is That” to Kristen Stewart.


Check out all the looks here!

xx, L

PS. Joan or E! -if you’re looking for new Joan Ranger… I’m ready! 

I'm ready, Joan.

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Apr 16

Thinking about Boston…

We’re glued to the coverage and have Boston in our thoughts and prayers.  Today and always, please…

xx, L + L


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Apr 01

Game of Thrones is BACK!

And it was soooooooooo good last night!!  This season is going to be amazing; I can’t wait for next Sunday!


xx, L


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