May 29

My Newest Hair Toolz – Summer Beach Waves

My hair is usually pretty straight thanks to all the Bumble and bumble straightening and anti-frizz products I coat it with every day, but I’m ALL about the sultry beach waves look this summer.  My hair doesn’t naturally DO beach waves, though, unless I’m sitting directly across from the ocean for at least 2 – 3 hours.  Oh, hair woes…


Never fear, though, I’m covered this summer with my trusty three amigos below…

Instead of the straightening products I typically use, I spray on Bumble and bumble Surf Spray.  I swear by this stuff.


Then, I alternate between these two new additions to my hair toolz collection.  (1) Revlon’s Perfect Heat Jumbo Waver.



And (2) the BabylissPro Miracurl Professional Curl Machine on the medium setting.



Both the jumbo waver and the miracurl are easy to use and hold my waves for hours when combined with surf spray.  It’s so fun to look like you’ve been at the beach all day when you’ve really just been landlocked at home watching Bravo…

Wishing you all fabulous hair days this summer!  :)

xx, L

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Oct 25

From Mrs. Cohen with Love

You guys…I am BACK!   A little over a week ago, I had the wedding weekend of my DREAMS.  I got to stand in a room filled with people I love and commit to the most amazing man I have ever met.  This was all made possible by my wonderful parents, my amazing sister and brother in law Brian, my incredible in-laws, my new brother in law Scott, all of our friends and family, and most importantly, Greg for asking me to marry him in the first place! 

But I have a few more thank yous and I apologize in advance for a long gushy post but I simply cannot write ANYTHING without saying all of this first:

First, thank you to Christina Zubowicz and Magnolia Events and Planning.   (A special shout out to Tina Adams, as well.  You are exquisite.)  Christina became such a fixture in my life that I considered putting her in a bridesmaids’ gown and sending her down the aisle with my girls.  But instead, there she stood at my wedding, in her chic black suit, holding my train and keeping everyone and everything in line.   This past year, she has been there for me in ways I cannot even describe, from etiquette questions to style advice, she has everything covered perfectly.  She answered my questions before I even knew I had them.  Best of all – Christina helped me to assemble my own personal Dream Team of vendors and on the day of my wedding?  There was a “Magnolia” girl at every turn.  Christina, I cannot thank you enough for your flawless execution.

Next, I want to thank Bold American Events who were responsible for both décor and catering for both our rehearsal dinner and wedding.   I’m on the Bold Bandwagon.  Specifically, I want to thank Steve Bales.  Steve is a genius and I will never EVER get over the work he did during my wedding weekend.  He’s a visionary, an artist, and an amazing person and not only did he create a stunningly beautiful event, but one that truly reflected Greg and myself.  I am GRATEFUL that he was the one who brought our wedding weekend to life.   It seriously was better than my wildest dreams.   My chuppah is now my “happy place.”

Also from Bold, I want to thank Nicki Collins who was able to achieve not only a lovely wedding menu, but also one that was so personal to the two of us.  It’s hard to tell a story through food, but Nicki was able to do so.  It’s also hard to feed 300 people with delicious food – but you guys: Nicki, Chef Todd Annis and the Bold team nailed it. 

The Reichmans.  I think finding a photographer that suits your style is the hardest part, but when we met Jamie and Todd Reichman…I knew we had found “the one(s).”  They’re truly amazing artists and though I can’t show you a lot of their work now, please trust me when I tell you…AMAZING  (UPDATE: Please check out their blog post for a sneak peek!  Click HERE! Also phenomenal is their work with cinematographer Jason Link.  Please check out our engagement video they made:  I cannot WAIT to see our wedding video.  The best part about Jamie and Todd, apart from their breathtaking work, is how much we adore them as people.  Not to get too sappy on you, but it was really special to share these moments of our lives with them because they have truly become our friends.

Also, they were able to capture this moment of pure Atlanta random awesomeness:

Jenny’s Paper, Ink.  Jenny Adair not only has the absolute BEST resources for everything paper-related (from a calligrapher that was able to match my custom invitation calligraphy perfectly to great sources for beautiful paperstock), but also the design expertise to create some seriously stunning custom work.  Jenny also has absolutely IMMACULATE taste and is a complete perfectionist. Her guidance on my paper suite was invaluable.

Custom die-cut menus, hand-calligraphered place cards

Rupert’s Orchestra.   They KILLED it.  They rocked out all night.  They learned the upbeat version of “All You Need is Love” for our first dance.  Per my dad’s request, made a medley of “Isn’t She Lovely” and “Be Young, Be Foolish, but Be Happy” for our daddy/daughter dance.  They didn’t even laugh at me when I requested they learn “Call me Maybe!” (they totally did it)  And at the end of our wedding, when our ENTIRE bridal party was belting their lungs out to “Don’t Stop Believing” in a circle around us will go down as one of the best moments of my entire life. 

Speaking of music, Sarah Paul and Amati Chamber Music set the mood for our ceremony beautifully.  We sat down together and crafted the music and she guided me to a perfect selection of classical and contemporary…all perfection.

 The CAKE.  The cake was amazing and a joint work of art by Nancy Short (formerly of the Flour Shoppe) and Eileen Carter of Eileen Carter Creations.   It was a magnificent 7-tier masterpiece with 3 flavors.  Basically, I came to them with a zillion ideas for this cake… and they didn’t make me choose anything.  Everything I could have ever wanted went into and onto that cake and I can’t think about it without breaking into a huge, face-splitting grin.

Thank you to the Good Food Truck who delighted all of our guests as they lined up for our sparkler exit with their famous “Poodle:” Hot dog with a French toast bun.  Topped with apple slaw and mustard.  Outrageous.

 Thank you to all the wonderful people at the Foundry at Puritan Mill – especially darling Wendy Collins and to everyone at the Buckhead Theatre, especially superawesome Kate Zimmer.   Novare Properties, I love you.  Obviously. 

My Glam Squad: HL Painter and Suzanna (hair and makeup – you can find them at Ambrosia Salon or at DryBar), Mandy Gispert and team (hair!) and Maquilla Farrar and team for makeup.

“Oh, my Lord and Taylor.”  Last but not least, thank you, thank you, thank you to my darling Daniel Jones of Muse Salon.  He’s a saint and a trip and not only did he do a 180 on my poor, overprocessed hair this last year, but he trucked it all the way to my bridal suite just to style me and make me feel like a princess on my big day.  Daniel, j’adore.

Daniel’s handiwork:

All-in-all, I can honestly tell you that I loved every single solitary moment of the planning and preparations and that I learned so much about myself, my new husband, my family and almost every person in my life.  It was an extremely eye-opening experience and I feel so incredibly grateful for all the months of work and attention that were poured into that one spectacular weekend. 

Now I’m married and the honeymoon is over (more on that later… and just in the literal sense – I am still super excited to be a “Sadie Lady” as my grandmother says!) I’m resuming everyday life… which I PROMISE means this blog, too!  Thanks for bearing with me. 

(I missed you guys!)

xx, L(C!)

P. S. For more pix:

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Jun 26

My Bumble and Bumble Arsenal…

I am a budding Bumble and Bumble hair product addict. 

Please see my current 3-piece arsenal below:

I use these three bad boys regularly and am totally obsessed, y’all.  Total!

Quenching Complex: A potent, daily, leave-in treatment that quenches the cuticle smooth, seals in moisture, renews shine, and protects – keeping flyaways…away.

Thickening Hairspray: Begins styling lift-off for any hair type with moderate hold.

White Hair Powder: Styling ease, dry cleansing, and tinting.

I also looooove this product, but I can’t use it because it will strip my keratin treatment.  :(

Surf Spray: Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles – whenever, wherever.

Get your Bumble and Bumble hair arsenal here: I heart B+B!

xx, L

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May 24

Adventures in Hair…and Alpharetta

Since we started this blog (almost THREE years ago!) I made myself a promise never to divulge my hairstylists’ names for fear that I’d never be able to get an appointment again… but since my guy was almost impossible to get in with before I even met him… I figure I’m no worse off by telling you that I am officially hopelessly, ridiculously devoted to the magical Daniel Jones at his salon, Muse Salon and Spa.

I love you.

It feels good to say it out loud.  

How obsessed am I, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  For the last 7+ months, I’ve been driving up, up, up 400 to exit TEN to ALPHARETTA on the regular just to see him.  Yep, he is OTP BIG time…and I couldn’t care less.  I’m pretty sure I’d travel further because my hair has NEVER been better.

This weekend, I left with much more than bright, shiny, blonde blonde blonde hair!   I also made three purchases that I’m very excited about:

1. Kerastase Ciment Thermique  Daniel turned me on to this product months ago and it’s doing wonders for my poor, processed locks.  It’s a leave-in protective reconstructive cream for your hair and I adore it.   I use the tiniest amount, and though this little tube will run you upwards of $40 – it lasts forever.  I recommend 100%. 

2. Youngblood Mineral Lengthening Mascara

Whether or not this mascara’s “volumising formula” or “conditioning benefits” remains to be seen since I’ve only had it for a few days.  But what I can tell you is this – it’s a fantastic mascara.  In my opinion, the trick is to apply one coat and allow it to dry before applying the second.  Trust me – if you do this, you will have a gorgeous set of full, lush lashes that will NOT flake or smudge.  I love this stuff already –and if it improves the health of my lashes – well that?  That’ll just be gravy.      

3. Iso Clamp-less Curling Iron

I love my big heated rollers, but I feel like all they do is give me volume and lift and when I use a regular curling iron, I feel like I look like I’m an adult contestant in Toddlers and Tiaras…

with tightly twisted curls in place of the the soft beachy waves I’m craving.  Well, no more – with this “twister,” I can finally achieve them!  This tool is amazing and I absolutely love it.  BIG time bonus: it’s blonde-proof.   It comes with a nifty glove so you literally CAN’T burn your fingers.  Genius.

And that?  Is all I have for you today.  Go forth with longer lashes and stronger, bouncier hair, my friends.

xx, L

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Dec 29

A Little Reckless Holiday Spending, Anyone?

December 29 is a dangerous time.  Santa was good to you…particularly with gifts that come in envelopes.  Or maybe you’ve got that extra check from Grandma or a little Hanukkah gelt left in you pocket (and I don’t mean the chocolate kind…)  What to do? 

I’m pretty sure if you ask Greg, he’d suggest a lovely Orange Savings Account or a Roth IRA but if I were you, I might opt for the following: 

1. Oribe Royal Blowout

I am pretty much obsessed with Oribe.  It all started with the Anti-Humidity spray (blogged about here) and then the “Beautiful Color” shampoo and conditioner.  But I was recently introduced to Royal Blowout and I’m never turning back.  You just spritz a little of this weightless-greaseless product into damp hair and bampf! – perfectly straight, glossy-yet-somewhat-voluminous hair.  And of course it has the signature Oribe scent which is AMAZING.  I love this stuff.

2. Trish McEvoy Beta Hydroxy Pads  

These are the most amazing exfoliating pads…ever.  I used them forever ago, but I quit because at $65 for 40 pads…they’re pretty priceyBut I’m back on the bandwagon now.  My skin looks absolutely amazing and I feel like these babies take care of those hard-to-exfoliate places like around your nose and such.  Basically, they dissolve dead skin cells to make your face glowy and help to prevent breakouts.  So worth it.  

3. Hammitt Viper Holiday Clutch  

You guys – I had never even HEARD of Hammitt before I fell in love with this clutch and now I’m planning nights out just so I can carry it.  The leather is DELICIOUS, it’s SO spacious (I love the new “oversized clutch” trend.) and it’s the perfect amount of glam and rock and roll.  The entire line is to die for – but this clutch made me really happy.  (I got mine at Gus Mayer in Birmingham– but you can find them on Facebook or search for them on your Google Machine)


4. Alora Reed Diffuser in Due 

G got me one of these as part of my Hanukkah gift and I LOVE IT.  First of all, it’s gorgeousSecondly, it smells absolutely AMAZING – jasmine, cucumber, basil and ylang ylang.  (What is a ylang ylang, you ask?  I have no idea.  But it smells good.)  The best part is how the scent fills my whole room without overpowering it.  I recommend.

So there you have it.  Nothing you need…but all fun stuff.  Happy December 29th!

xx, L


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