Mar 29

Sequins for Spring!

I just want everyone to know how muchlove my new gold sequin TOMS. 

(Inspired by the supa-chic Mrs. Wolkove.)

The raccoon in me could only resist them for so long…

They are going to look amazeballs w/ the printed Spring dresses I picked up at Bloomingdale’s + Urban Outfitters last night to wear in Austin this weekend! 

Can’t. hardly. wait.

Just can’t.  :)

xx, L

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Dec 02

Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Eight Crazy Nights

The Festival of Lights has commenced.  On behalf of Adam Sandler + I, we’d like to wish you all a very “happy, happy, happy, happy Hanukkah!”  :)

I consider myself to be an above average gift-giver.  I try to get you something that I remember you mentioning wanting (even if YOU don’t remember) or something that you’d love that you don’t even know that you want yet.  However, Hanukkah goes on for eight days, and frankly, that is a lot of pressure.  

If you also take gift-giving seriously + need some ideas for this holiday season, here are eight of my favorite small gifts from Urban Outfitters’ holiday catalog… 

Spending New Year’s Eve in the chilly Midwest like Slick + me?  You might want a pair of these bad boys: 

Sesame Street Ernie Mittens $38

Keep in touch this holiday season: 

Lego Walkie Talkies $28

For those allergic to man’s best friend or other household pets:

Dancing Pet Speaker $40

I just bought one of these + I love it: 

Little Birch Jewelry Stand $32

Kinda into gnomes like Mrs. Randodi?  This one’s for you:  

Outdoor Gnome Bowling $35

You just need it.  Trust: 

Hamburger Phone $28

PETA-approved awesomeness: 

Cardboard Taxidermy $28

And, because you can never be too prepared: 

Mini Lightsaber Kit $24

So, don’t stress about gift-giving this holiday season.  Head on over the Urban Outfitters – they’ve got you covered.

And, don’t forget to “put on your YARMULKE, it’s time to celebrate HANUKKAH!” 

xx, L 

Urban Outfitters  (This one is my fav. location)
1061 Ponce de Leon Ave.
Atlanta, GA  30306

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Dec 12

Trend Alert! Jeggings

Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings.  (Think Top Shop coined that brain buster.)

Here’s a visual:



Y’all, I just don’t know about this one.  Leggings are like a uniform for me.  Love them.  Jeans – sure.  Not my favorite, but I’ll rock a pair.  Jeggings?  I’m on the fence…and this is rare because usually I am the first one to jump at a new trend.  Snuggies?  Yes!  The Cap-Sac?  Don’t mind if I do… 

Sienna Miller in Jeggings

Sienna Miller in Jeggings

Maybe you have to be stick-skinny like Sienna Miller to pull them off?  Maybe not.  Either way, I am hitting up Urban Outfitters this weekend to see what these bad boys look like in dressing room halogens…

xx, L

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Aug 30

Trend Alert! Canvas Sneakers

Urban Outfitters on Ponce and N. Highland is selling these bad boys in a variety of colors and patterns for a whopping $12 bucks.  Although I opted for the navy, they have a rainbow of fun neon ones to choose from – yellow, orange, green, purple, etc. 

Canvas Shoes on sale at Urban

Canvas Shoes on sale at Urban

I wore mine last night and they were a hit – and really comfy, especially considering their price!

Guinness liked them, too!

Guinness liked them, too!

There’s nothing like cheap fashion.  Now if I could just find my scrunchie socks…

xx, L

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Jun 30

There’s always a silver lining…

This recession is SO BORING. I’m over it. Saving money is, by definition, boring. All the depressing news on television is boring. Obsessively checking my bank statement is boring. And I am sick and tired of all the marketing and advertising being geared towards how much money I’ll save if I elect to dish out a few of the benjamins I am supposed to be hoarding at their place of business. Boring! One of my All Time Favorite Things is advertisements that encourage gross excess and I can’t wait for it’s return. They say this recession will change the way America views money from here on out, but I can tell you this right now: as soon as I get an extra few bucks in my pocket, I am booking an entire day at a spa and heading straight to Neiman’s, my friend.

Lindsay and I were discussing this matter recently. We are, of course, in absolute agreement. But the ever-positive Lindsay did point out that if we are, in fact, headed for another Great Depression, the upside would be all the great fashion that was born in that era. Specifically, Fedoras. How fabulous are Fedoras? We would look amazing in Fedoras. Everyone does! Witness:

photo credit -

photo credit -

Bottom line: “If things get really tough…We’ll just wear fedoras!” -Lindsay

PS Urban Outfitters is preparing.  They are lousy with Fedoras right now...

PS Urban Outfitters is preparing. They are lousy with Fedoras right now...

xx, L+L

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