Apr 05

Trend Alert: Retro Handsets for iPhone

Retro handsets for your iPhone are all the rage in Atlanta these days.  I spotted my first one recently at Einstein’s during Sunday brunch + have since seen these bad boys ALL OVER Midtown. 

Check it:

What’s old is new again, right?  Oooooh ahhhh, pretty colors…

Just ask these guys.

Zack Attack, y’all.  :)

Can’t live without one?  Get yours here at YUBZ for $30 – $55.

xx, L

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Mar 26

Super Adorable iPhone 4 Cases at J. Crew

Recently, J. Crew upped their game on the printed-iPhone-case front when they released a bunch of super cute rubber cases for the iPhone 4 for only $25.  Um, awesomeness!

Mrs. Casey + I just got THIS bad boy:

But, there are so many other ones that I love, too!  Just look:

suede - for the boyzzz

ADORABLE - and $25 for a cute case is a complete steal in my book!  :)

xx, L

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Dec 16

Print Your Instagram Photos w/ Printstagram.

So, there I was.  In a dilemma.

(lindsay. obviously.)

I’d just returned from this super-incredible vacation and I had all of these fantastic-amazing photos of it that I took on my trusty iPhone 2.  Naturally, I’d run almost all of them through the Instagram App that I love so dearly because every photo looks better with a vintage filter.  Am I right?  AM I RIGHT?  I’m right. 

instagram? we're pals.

Anyway, I thought I might order some prints of my doctored-up photographic achievements.  I logged onto Snapfish, uploaded my photos, and BAMMM – they look terrible.  I could order them if I wanted, but Instagram had resized them to the cute square shape I adore, and they would be blurry if I printed them out myself. DRATS!  I shook my fists in the air.

No way, I didn’t want to order 200+ blurry photos!  But, I liked my Instagram-ed photos better than my actual ones.  Dilemma…

I did some light googling along the lines of “how the heck am I going to get my Instagram prints now??” and I eventually found my answer: Printstagram.

Good news!  Lucky day!  By way of Printstagram, I had ENDLESS (okay, five) options of what I could do with my Instagram-ed photos.

I could order a large, high-quality poster made with my Instagram photos.  It’s 20″ x 40″ in size, and can accommodate anywhere between 50-400 photos.  Printstagram sizes them to fit the full poster size and arranges them in a clean grid.  All for only $25. 

STICKERS were another option.  Heck yes!  You get 252 stickers per order, so you’ll be able to use them liberally without breaking a sweat…or the bank.  A slick $10 will seal the deal.

The Tinybook.  Is there any cuter way to show off your pictures than THIS?  The photo quality is great, and tinybooks even magnet to your fridge.  Order 3 tinybooks with 24 photos in each for $10.

Tinybook too small?  No problemo.  Prinstagram offers the Minibook, as well.  The photos are printed back to back on card stock with a glossy photo-finish.  Photos are printed at just about the same size as they appear on your iPhone.  Order 2 minibooks with 50 photos in each for $12.

Or, you can opt for what I purchased: Miniprints.  Instagram miniprints are printed on card stock with a matte finish and just the right amount of weight to them.  It’s a simple and classy way to showcase your artistry.  Give them away to your friends, stick them in a scrapbook or on your walls, or carry a few in your wallet.  Order a set of 48 prints for $12.

my miniprints

Mine just arrived today!  So excited.  (Take note, future Printstagrammers: They ship from Taiwan, so expect for them to take their sweet time getting to you.) 

Check out Printstagram HERE.
Watch Printstagram’s product video HERE.
See what else Printstagram is doing with the Instagram platform HERE.

I’m a Printstagram FAN:)

xx, L

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Sep 21

Welcome to We&Co.

As we were paying the bill at Holeman & Finch the other night, our server dropped off a bright orange business card that read, “Like my service?  Thank me on We&Co.”  She noticed the confused looks on our faces and explained that it was an iPhone app that we could use to rate her service + our experience with her at Holeman.  It sounded interesting to me, and I happen to like bright orange, so I checked it out…

We&Co is a free iPhone app (Atlanta-based, too!) that allows local businesses to register their employees.  Visitors can rate those employees (with an emphasis on positive criticism) and add them to your “favorite people” collection – kind of like Yelp.  

Presumably, the aggregate score will encourage others to frequent the employee’s place of business, thereby gaining them popularity and ultimately, more tips.  It also puts a name to the faces you see every day at your local eateries, drinkeries, and provisionaries.

You sign in with Twitter, Facebook, or a distinct We&Co account.  The app picks up current locations and employees, and allows you to add locations and employees to various locations.  You then select the employee in question and give them a virtual pat on the back, high five, fist pump, you get it…  The system allows you to follow your favorite employees (bartenders, for example, or hair dressers) from location to location, and employers can choose to reward you for your ratings.  (P.S. Many thanks to Tech Crunch for all the good info!)

As the bright orange business card says, “So give it a go.  See if it brightens your day.  See if it brightens someone else’s day.  We’re betting it will.”

That’s the Q+DD spirit!  We just love.

xx, L

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Jun 24

Nook(ie) Rookie

Hello!  I’m typing at you from sunny Panama City Beach, FL!  I took a few days off for some fun in the sun and it has been SUBLIME.

I have literally spent the last 4 days with my toes in the white sand, in not one stitch of makeup, with a gin + tonic in one hand and in the other? ...my new NOOK!


FYI the “Nook” is Barnes and Noble’s e-reader.  My mom has an Amazon Kindle and we spent the whole trip debating the merits of each…  she still loves hers but I’m still pretty happy with my choice for 2 main reasons: #1.  I got the new color version so in addition to books, I can also read my trashy gossip magazines AND #2. I have the CUTEST Jonathan Adler Nook-case EVER.



How cute is this!? I mean, please!

The Nook is great.  Greg loaded my iTunes into it and I can also Tweet and check my email!  You can do everything with this thing. I was worried that would be a double edged sword- because I’m often too busy (distracted) to finish a single book, but lo and behold: I have read 4 books on this trip! (a book a day!) Here’s what I read:

1. Bossypants by Tina Fey
You guys…it was GREAT.  Not only was it laugh-out-loud funny (if you’re planning on reading this in public, you’ve officially been warned.) but Tina also shares some pretty interesting insights – I think my favorite was the section entitled “The Rules of Improvisation That Will Change Your Life and Reduce Belly Fat* (*Improv will not reduce belly fat) and I really appreciated her commentary on media influencing politics…and vice versa.  I recommend this book 100% to anyone. The cover alone had me chuckling:

2. Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me
This is a compilation of essays written by her staffers, friends, and family (her dog, Chunk, even has a chapter!) It was really funny and informative and definitely worth the afternoon I spent reading it.  I still prefer Chelsea’s first person books (Are You There, Vodka, Its Me, Chelsea and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang)

3. My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler
What can I say? Chelsea makes a great beach read.  In case you’re living under a rock  and didn’t know this- MHL is the first book my lady love Chelsea wrote and if I’m not mistaken – written before she had her own talk show (while she was appearing in the hidden-camera show “Girls Behaving Badly”…which I LOVED)  I still prefer Are You There Vodka and Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang…but this was a great beach read and I’m happy to have completed the series in its entirety.  I love you, Chelsea. I’d order room service and watch TBS movie marathons with you anyday.

4. Skinny Bitch by Rory Friedman and Kim Barnouin
I picked this book up on the recommendation of my friend Angel.  Angel told me this book changed her life and her body…and since has a totally smokin’ hot figure I figured I’d better comply.  Witness:


Sandwiched between two of my favorite skinny b--s. Stefani (left) and Angel (right)

Angel wasn’t the only one to recommend this book to me, many of my skinny b— friends have read it and I am here to tell you it TERRIFIED me.   It probably got a LITTLE too conspiracy-theory-y for my taste (pun intended) and it’s pretty extreme, but you know, I think there’s some pretty valuable information regarding our food supply in the US and it gave me a lot of food for thought (pun intended) about my diet.  (I’ll let you know how that goes.) I think it’s a must-read.

And there you have it!  It seems I DID actually accomplish something other than this wicked tan* these last few days!

Catch you when I’m back in the A!

xx, L

(*Deep apologies to my dermatologist and to my airbrush tan artist, Tiffers.)


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