Jan 12

Pizza Making Class at Double Zero Napoletana

Need an idea for a fun date or girls night out??

On Monday, January 23, Double Zero Napoletana is hosting a pizza making class!  The Sandy Springs restaurant is offering two separate seatings – one at 6:00 p.m. and one at 8:00 p.m.

During the classes, Double Zero Napoletana staff will offer guests an exclusive opportunity to learn the art of making Neapolitan pizza in the restaurant’s beautiful, hand-crafted Stefano Ferrara ovens.  Each class is limited to 15 attendees, and the cost is $39 per person. 

Participants will learn about the unique and nuanced process of making dough at the highest level of quality.  This interactive event also includes a glass of wine and a personal pizza creation.

So much fun!  :)

And, don’t fret that Double Zero is all the way in Sandy Springs.  It’s totally worth the schlep, as it’s one of the few restaurants that the Q+DD will travel OTP for!  Read about our recent visit to Double Zero HERE!

Can’t make the 1/23 class?  No worries!  Double Zero is hosting another on February 27. 

Make sure you register ASAP! 

xx, L


Double Zero Napoletana
5825 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA  30328

Double Zero Napoletana on Urbanspoon

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Oct 17

Italian Fare Worth the Schlep…

On Friday night, I dragged Lauren, Greg + Kevin OTP to try Double Zero Napoletana.

It seemed like such a hike to get there (it’s situated past I-285 on Roswell Road…no man’s land in my book), BUT the restaurant had had quite a stint on Urbanspoon since it opened and I was intrigued.  So, we gassed up the car + hit the road!

Here’s the Q+DD on Double Zero Napoletana:

Double Zero Napoletana (DZ) is an upscale southern Italian restaurant featuring the cuisine of the Campania region.  DZ has a strong focus on traditional Neapolitan Pizza among other southern Italian dishes.  They feature an extensive selection of Southern Italian cured meats and cheeses, Insalata (salad), Antipasti & Sfizi (small plates), fresh handmade pasta, and Secondi (Entrée) dishes.  Make no mistake, although pizza has an important place on their menu, DZ’s modern, contemporary versions of traditional Italian ingredients + specialties aim to delight Atlanta diners.

What’s In a Name?:

Double Zero refers to the type of flour used to make Neapolitan pizza.  In Italy, flour is classified either as 1, 0, or 00, and the designation refers to how finely ground the flour is and how much of the bran and germ have been removed.  Doppio Zero, the most highly refined, is talcum-powder soft.  The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which upholds the traditions and stipulations of traditional Neapolitan pizza, states that only Doppio Zero Flour, DOP San Marzano tomatoes, all natural Fior-di-Latte or Bufala fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, sea salt and yeast can be used in the making of Neapolitan Pizza.

This is serious business, obv.

Kevin and I arrived a bit earlier than Lauren and Greg, so we parked it at DZ’s bar.  Our bartender, a really friendly fellow w/ a heavy accent, cheerily greeted us.  (This was just the start to the exceptional service we had over the course of the evening.)  Kev ordered up DZ’s signature cocktail: Barrel Aged Negroni.  It tasted sort of like an Old Fashioned, but with a twist.  Gin, Campari, Carpano Antica Vermouth + a flamed orange (aged at DZ in bourbon barrels for 6 weeks)It was an impressive drink to watch the bartender prepare:

I opted for my trusty go-to, an Aviation, which I was excited to find on the menuMaybe the suburbs are hipper than I think??  Shortly thereafter, Lauren + Greg arrived and we sat down for our meal.

DZ's massive menu

We ordered up + quickly devoured (too fast for me to snap a photo) the Burrata + Proscuitto: fresh burrata mozzarella, mangalista prosciutto, arugula, red onion marmalade, balsalmic caviar, saba vinegar + basil oil.  Also on our table (but not for long) was the delicious Pork Belly Risotto: crisp pork belly, sweet potato pumpkin risotto, balsalmic glaze, broccoli rapini + slow cooked poached egg.

My favorite app was the Arancini: lemon saffron risotto croquettes, peas, red pepper, scamorza cheese, roasted yellow pepper coulis + meyer lemon honey.

Each of the appetizers were exceptionally tasty and very thoughtfully plated.  I strongly recommend starting with a few before jumping to entrees. 

For dinner, we shared the Carne Pizza: braised short ribs, bludi bufala cheese, fingerling potatoes + grape tomatoes.

And, of course, the Double Zero Napoletana Pizza: olive oil, garlic, mozzarella di bufala campana DOP, fresh arugula, prosciutto di parma, pecorino gran cru + basil oil.

The pizzas arrived with scissors which we used to cut slices.  We got a serious kick out of it!

To accompany our delicious meal, we all ordered wine from DZ’s extensive Italian collection.  Although I was unfamiliar with most of the regional grapes, the menu was very user-friendly breaking out the grapes in comparison to others that are more familiar.  For example, I ordered a glass of the Planeta La Segreta Blanco because above it was a line that read “think Pinot Grigio.”  I personally appreciated the guidance… 

lonely scissors

Our meal was very enjoyable and I will absolutely make the trek OTP again for another DZ evening.  I elaborated about our actual food, but I also want to make a point to say that the service was exceptional, as well.  Even our food runner was engaging!  And, THAT is how you get an ITP crowd to venture OTP!

ITP dining OTP

I guess sometimes you really just need to listen to the hype...  DZ has been killing it on Urbanspoon for a reason, y’all!  We’ll be back very soon. 

xx, L

Double Zero Napoletana
5825 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA  30328

Double Zero Napoletana on Urbanspoon

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Oct 11

Beer Dinner at Atkins Park – Smyrna (10/18)

Anyone feel like venturing OTP??

On Tuesday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m., Atkins Park Tavern in Smyrna is hosting an American Craft Beer Dinner featuring five courses paired with five of the nation’s leading craft-style brews.

The menu for the evening features the following dishes and beer pairings:

1.  Vidalia onion tarts, chèvrie cheese, peach jalapeno jam + Terrapin Golden Ale (Athens, GA)

2.  Chipotle lime shrimp, field greens, red peppers, roasted corn, tomato, red onion, lime vinaigrette + Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Chico, CA)

3.  Ahi tuna poke marinated in ponzu sauce, avocado relish, crystallized candied ginger + Anchor Steam Beer (San Francisco, CA)

4.  Seared duck, glazed cherry reduction, sweet potato and pumpkin risotto + Ommegang Hennepin Farmhouse Saison (Cooperstown, NY)

5.  Caramel and espresso torte with sea salt + Abita Turbodog (Abita Springs, LA)

drink UP, smyrna-ites?

Cost for the dinner and beer pairings is $45 per person + limited seating is available.

Interested guests can call 770.435.1887 to reserve a spot.  Sounds so fun + super delish! 

See ya in the suburbs!

xx, L

Atkins Park Tavern – Smyrna
2840 Atlanta Road SE
Smyrna, GA  30080

Atkins Park Tavern on Urbanspoon

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Sep 20

AND…Another Event to Report: The 32nd Annual Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off

The 32nd Annual Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off will once again be held in beautiful Stone Mountain, GA, where more than 300 culinary teams from across the country will battle for chili bragging rights!

In addition to sampling chili, Brunswick stew and cornbread, guests of all ages are invited to enjoy live music from some of the nation’s best tribute bands + partake in games such as the Mullet Flop (dying – OMG) and the Jalapeno Eating contest.  As in previous years, 100% of the proceeds will benefit Camp Twin Lakes!  Since 2005, The Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off has raised more than $380,000 for Camp Twin Lakes. 

Recap: Chili, tribute bands, mullet flop + jalapeno eating contest, AND Camp Twin Lakes.  My brain is exploding with awesomeness…

Here’s the Q+DD on The 32nd Annual Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off:

When: Saturday, September 24: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: Stone Mountain Park, GA – Coliseum Meadow
Tickets: Tickets are $10 for adults.  Children 12 + under are free.  Tickets can only be purchased on-site the day of the event, and will not sell out. 
Parking: Each vehicle will be charged $10 for entrance into the park.
Benefit: 100% of the proceeds benefit Camp Twin Lakes!
Sponsors: Miller Lite, Aaron’s Sales and Leasing, Waffle House, Metro PCS, Rock 100.5, Camp Twin Lakes, Caren West PR
Event Website: www.theatlantachilicookoff.com

Sounds super fun + delicious!  If I wasn’t going to Music Midtown, I’d definitely want to check it out. 

This weekend is going to be ridic.  :)

xx, L

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Jun 21

OTP Hangover Cure: Jim 'n Nick's Bar-B-Q

Slick + I drove to Smyrna this weekend to go blackberry picking with some buddies of ours.  Check out my loot, y’all:

I know, right?  I was impressed, too!  :)

It was a fun morning, but we had one problem: Slick was seriously hungover from the night before.  Around noon, he began to really need something to cut up the alcohol aggressively overtaking his blood stream, so we searched the GPS for the closest non-fast food (yet still greasy/ heavy) restaurant in the area + up popped: Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q.

We use this restaurant to cater work events from time to time, but I am rarely ever OTP + hadn’t visited its home base in Smyrna.  As soon as we got this close to the door, we were greeted with an overwhelmingly delicious aroma of BBQ.  Slick almost crumbled to the floor.  No joke. 

A friendly hostess sat us down + we ordered up large waters and Diet Cokes.  As we worked on Slick’s hydration, we perused the extensive menu.  I knew exactly what I wanted as soon as I opened the menu and read the item’s name: Pig in the Garden Salad.  It made me giggle, so I gave it a try.

Slick ordered a pulled pork sandwich + deep-fried onion rings.  While we impatiently waited for our food, the friendly hostess – who was now also our server – dropped over a basket of these tasty cheese muffins.  They were not fat free.  I can tell you that much.  That is pretty much all I can tell you, though, because they were gone almost immediately. 

Shortly thereafter, my salad arrived and it was enormo…and really satisfying.  I mean, how could you go wrong with pulled pork, smoked bacon + homemade croutons?  (I’m still convinced it was a healthy option, too, as there were numerous green + orange things on the plate.)

Slick’s pulled pork sandwich did the trick.  He ate it like a champ + started to feel better immediately. 

He described the onion rings* as “a gift from God,” but he was slightly too ambitious with ordering them as we ended up taking the majority home with us. 

*Reader’s note:  Do not accidentally leave onion rings in your car for more than five hours.  Trust.

Seemed like the OTP BBQ did the trick.  Slick was pleased with his mostly clean plate + pork-stuffed stomach.

As we were heading out, we noticed a nice collection of pig paraphernalia and t-shirts with butt jokes (Oh, how I love a good butt joke.)

Do I recommend driving all the way out to Jim ‘n Nick’s for BBQ if you live in Midtown?  Probably not.  There are plenty of ITP options to explore.  However, if you are OTP + have a BBQ craving or need a quick hangover cure, Jim ‘n Nick’s is absolutely your place.  Prepare yourself for the butt jokes, friends + eat up!

xx, L

Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q
4574 S. Cobb Dr. SE
Smyrna, GA  30080

Jim 'n Nick's Bar-B-Q (Smyrna) on Urbanspoon

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