Apr 04

You’ve Gotta Check Out The Atlanta Rollergirls!

So Brittany was all like: Let’s do something different this Saturday night!
And everyone was all like: Yeah?  What do you have in mind?
And Brittany goes: How about checking out Atlanta Rollergirls?
And we were all like: Do we have to rollerskate, because…
And Brittany was like: No, dorks!  Check out the Atlanta Rollergirls HERE.
And THEN we were all like: Heck yeah!  This sounds awesome!
And we bought our tickets.  :)

The Atlanta Rollergirls, a founding member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), took shape in November 2004, when Angela Ward, a.k.a. Tanya Hyde, put a call out to strong, athletic women to join her in bringing Roller Derby to the Dirty South.  The sport, once on par with the theatrics of professional wrestling, evolved to become an all-female, full-contact sport that’s writing a new chapter in athletic history.

The Atlanta Rollergirls are proud to be part of the movement that has exploded into hundreds of leagues worldwide, and inspired women from all walks of life to strap on skates and take to the track.  Younger girls are getting in on the sport now too, as junior leagues like Atlanta’s own Atlanta Derby Brats take root.

The league features four home teams, the Apocalypstix, Denim Demons, Sake Tuyas, and Toxic Shocks, that compete each season for the championship trophy.  The home teams battle it out at the Yaarab Shrine Center on Ponce (pictured below) during their February-to-September season.

Sounds cool, huh?  This is what it looked like inside.

And here are a few more action shots (a few of which are borrowed) to give y’all a better idea of what roller derby is like!



It’s intense, to say the least!  These ladies are totally bad ass.

We went to the March 23 match up between the Apocalpypstix (the team I was going for + is pictured below) and the Sake Tuyas.  Tickets were cheap ($15 a piece) and the game was BYOB and BYOFood.  There were also vendors outside of the gym selling food and drinks, but it looked like most people brought their own refreshments.  It was a sold out game and the bleachers were completely full before we arrived, so we had to sit on the floor.  Good thing we all dressed very casually!

We followed the detailed paper program for the game very closely, and we appreciated all the info about roller derby rules, as well as the “Ask Me” folks walking around to explain to us what we were watching.  We eventually got it!

We had a really fun girls night out (although boys would totally be into this, too!) at the derby, and I definitely recommend seeing the Atlanta Rollergirls if you are looking for something different to do on a Saturday night!  It’s fun to see these women knock each other around on the track, and it is an excellent event (I can’t emphasize that enough) for people watching!

Great idea, Brittany!  Keep ‘em coming!

xx, L

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Feb 17

Advance Planning for St. Patty’s 2012!

Got the post-Valentine’s Day blues??  Well turn that frown upside down because I’m about to give you something to look forward to…  ST. PATTY’S DAY 2012!

I’ve said it once; I’ll say it again…  St. Patty’s Day is the greatest holiday all year long!  It’s science, actually.  You don’t have to celebrate it with your family – so no potential arguments.  Everyone’s drunk.  Again, everyone’s drunk.  You get to deck yourself out in GREEN (which is a pretty flattering color on most people – also science).  And, pinching is socially acceptable.  Y’all admit it: It’s a solid way to celebrate a holiday.

I love St. Pat’s so much I once named a dog, “Guinness.”  Fact.

Anyway, this year Kev and I are taking our St. Patty’s Day party on the road to the Ritz Lodge at Lake Oconee.  We may be far away from a lot of the green debauchery, but we are still sure to celebrate!

ritz at lake oconee

If we were going to be in town, though, we’d absolutely, 100%, without a doubt, be at Fado Irish Pub + Restaurant for their annual St. Patty’s party!

Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant was the first Irish pub to be designed and constructed in Ireland and shipped and installed in Atlanta.  It is distinguished by its genuine Irish hospitality, the quality of its pints + authentic Irish food and fun.

Fado is hosting the city’s largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration!  On Saturday, March 17, Fado will open at 7:00 a.m., and rugby fans will enjoy non-stop live action including Ireland vs. England in the exciting final match of the RBS 6 Nations Rugby tournament.  There will be a $10 cover charge starting at 8:00 a.m., which grants fans access to a viewing area that has been sectioned off for the game.  The rest of Fado is open with no cover charge for guests until noon.

At noon, the Buckhead pub will open its doors to the street festival that includes beer tents, bagpipers and Irish dancers along with live music throughout the day and night!  Pre-sale tickets are available for $10 online (these sold out fast last year!), and tickets will also be sold for $15 at the door. 

Astral Freaks (Van Morrison cover band), Desire (Atlanta’s own U2 cover band), and Justin will all perform live for the crowd outside the pub, and a DJ will be inside spinning tracks for inside partygoers.  Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, partygoers can start early and stay out late.  It’s a full day session that the pub likes to call a “Paddython!”

Fado will also be hosting exciting events leading up to the St. Patrick’s day festival, and interested guests can get more information by visiting the pub’s online event schedule.

Fado serves a menu of authentic Irish food and beverages including corned beef and cabbage, traditional Irish boxty and fish n’ chips, Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, Bailey’s Irish Cream, proper Irish coffees, and a wide selection of Irish whiskeys.  Yummmmm.

So plan ahead + don’t miss out on the fun at Fado from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 a.m on Saturday, March 17 – Sunday, March 18!  OR you may be making this face on St. Patty’s when the tickets are completely sold out…

Happy (early) St. Pat’s!  Wishing green-awesomeness to you all!  :)

xx, L

Fado Irish Pub + Restaurant
273 Buckhead Avenue
Atlanta, GA  30305

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Feb 07

Newsflash: I am NOT a sports reporter

This probably shouldn’t be news to any regular readers of this blog or anyone who has ever met me in my life. But yesterday at work, I got to take a little tour of the studios and had a colleage snap this photo:

So, the colors are pretty and my hair looks relatively good and those Shaq-sized chairs make me look teeny…. so I uploaded to Facebook. Obviously.

To my utter shock – I was met with some CONGRATULATORY NOTES/EMAILS/CALLS. Which really cracked me up. TNT is in real trouble if I’m the newest commentator.

I also received the expected response: playful ridicule. Here are some of my faves:

Terch: “Do you even know what NBA stands for?”

Joanna Duff: “You’d be great at color commentary! ‘Would you say these uniforms are more of a grape or aubergine?'”

PT: “Now that you’re in, if you ever need a correspondent …let me know. I could get some live interviews in the locker room. It wouldn’t even be like work for me!”

It’s clearly not happening.

So if you’re reading this, Charles Barkley – just to clear up any confusion: I am NOT coming for your job.

xx, L

PS But if for some reason, you wanted to put me on TV… I will certainly learn something about Basketball. Trust.

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Feb 06

My Lady, Madge…

Whether you loved it or hated it – you have to admit that The Material Girl looked pretty freaking amazeballs last night in Indianapolis during the Super Bowl halftime show!  She’s 53 years old, too, people!  (I’ll take what she’s having, por favor…)

love her. LOVE HER!

Personally, I was BEYOND impressed!  Y’all just face it – it’s Madonna’s world + we’re just living in it.  M.D.N.A.  what, what whatttt!  :)

xx, L

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Oct 25

Trend Alert! Toomers Rolls

ATTENTION all Auburn fans: A friend of our dear friend, M. Reynolds, started an awesome company that you need to know about – Toomers Rolls!

But first, I need to give everyone else a little Auburn 411…

The intersection of Magnolia Avenue + College Street in Auburn, which marks the transition from downtown Auburn to the university campus, is known as Toomer’s Corner.  Hanging over the corner are two massive old-growth oak trees, and whenever there is cause for celebration in the Auburn community, the trees are festooned with toilet paper.  (Oooh, I like the word “festooned.”)  The TP rolling of oak trees started in the early 1990s after the power lines were moved under ground.  Traditionally only used as a way to celebrate football victories, in recent years it has become a way to celebrate anything good that happens concerning Auburn.  (www.wikipedia.com)

toomer's corner

Here’s the Q+DD on Toomers Rolls:

Toomer’s scarves were developed by an Auburn graduate and her Georgia Tech pal from business school.  They are made out of soft “scarf-like” material that will keep you wrapped in spirit while watching an Auburn game…home or away!
Wrapped around a replica of a cardboard toilet paper roll + featuring fine stitching mimicking toilet paper perforation seams, these scarves give a nod to Auburn University’s famous winning tradition while preserving the delicate Toomer’s Oaks!

LK + I are Texas fans, but since Texas is in a different conference we feel like we can jump on the Toomers Rolls bandwagon! 

who's got school spirit??

We just love scarves (esp. scarves worn in summer), we totally support small businesses, we think toilet paper is v. necessary, and we’re on-board with anything M. Reynolds is about!  (P.S. She’s the adorbs model on the far left of the photo above.)

Get your Toomers Rolls here, War Eagles: GO AUBURN!  Follow Toomers Rolls on Facebook!

And, good luck this season!  :)

xx, L

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