Jul 06

Tuesday at Muse!

Next TUESDAY, July 10th at my beloved Muse Salon and Spa (Love ya – mean it, Daniel.) they are holding an “evening of pampering” including $35 blowouts with complimentary Kerastase treatments, Botox at $9/unit and 20% off all Kerastase and Shu Uemura haircare and Youngblood cosmetics!

PLUS: Voli Light Vodka cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 

If that’s not enough to get you guys OTP – I don’t know WHAT is!  


xx, L

Muse Salon and Spa
4620 Kimball Bridge Road
Suite 5-6
Alpharetta, GA 30005

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May 24

Adventures in Hair…and Alpharetta

Since we started this blog (almost THREE years ago!) I made myself a promise never to divulge my hairstylists’ names for fear that I’d never be able to get an appointment again… but since my guy was almost impossible to get in with before I even met him… I figure I’m no worse off by telling you that I am officially hopelessly, ridiculously devoted to the magical Daniel Jones at his salon, Muse Salon and Spa.

I love you.

It feels good to say it out loud.  

How obsessed am I, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you.  For the last 7+ months, I’ve been driving up, up, up 400 to exit TEN to ALPHARETTA on the regular just to see him.  Yep, he is OTP BIG time…and I couldn’t care less.  I’m pretty sure I’d travel further because my hair has NEVER been better.

This weekend, I left with much more than bright, shiny, blonde blonde blonde hair!   I also made three purchases that I’m very excited about:

1. Kerastase Ciment Thermique  Daniel turned me on to this product months ago and it’s doing wonders for my poor, processed locks.  It’s a leave-in protective reconstructive cream for your hair and I adore it.   I use the tiniest amount, and though this little tube will run you upwards of $40 – it lasts forever.  I recommend 100%. 

2. Youngblood Mineral Lengthening Mascara

Whether or not this mascara’s “volumising formula” or “conditioning benefits” remains to be seen since I’ve only had it for a few days.  But what I can tell you is this – it’s a fantastic mascara.  In my opinion, the trick is to apply one coat and allow it to dry before applying the second.  Trust me – if you do this, you will have a gorgeous set of full, lush lashes that will NOT flake or smudge.  I love this stuff already –and if it improves the health of my lashes – well that?  That’ll just be gravy.      

3. Iso Clamp-less Curling Iron

I love my big heated rollers, but I feel like all they do is give me volume and lift and when I use a regular curling iron, I feel like I look like I’m an adult contestant in Toddlers and Tiaras…

with tightly twisted curls in place of the the soft beachy waves I’m craving.  Well, no more – with this “twister,” I can finally achieve them!  This tool is amazing and I absolutely love it.  BIG time bonus: it’s blonde-proof.   It comes with a nifty glove so you literally CAN’T burn your fingers.  Genius.

And that?  Is all I have for you today.  Go forth with longer lashes and stronger, bouncier hair, my friends.

xx, L

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Mar 20

Dear Table & Main, I love you.

So, the other night, my girl Meredith and I piled in the car and ventured north for dinner.  She had been raving about this place Table & Main for weeks and I decided it was time we make the long haul up… to Roswell.

I’m kidding.  It only took us about 20 minutes and it was WELL worth the drive. 

Table & Main is located right on Canton Street near Historic Downtown Roswell and if you haven’t been up there, you must!  It is DARLING. 

We rolled up to the restaurant, which is located in a renovated early 1900’s home…so charming and cozy… and immediately saddled up to the Bourbon Bar where we were greeted with:

c.h.e.e.s.e. s.t.r.a.w.s. (!!!)

Now, if you ask me, cheese straws in place of pretzels as pub grub is an excellent start for a fancy southern restaurant. 

We sipped our wine and enjoyed our cheese straws and had a great chat with Table & Main partner Ryan Pernice and his lovely mother and aunt – turns out, RP is a Georgia native who went yankee on us for a little while studying restaurant management at Cornell and then working in Danny Meyer’s NYC restaurant empire before he made his way back home to Roswell.

Total T&M VIP.

Table & Main has an aDORable main dining room in the “living room” of the house, so to speak… but it’s also got a pretty spectacular patio.  We waltzed outside, breezed past the garden and the cornhole and found our seats where we consumed the following:

Hogs ‘n Quilts: They will change your life. BBQ pork shoulder, chive crepes, GA vinegar sauce, Napa cabbage slaw.  As Meredith would say… “YUESS.” 

Fried Okra:  this was NO joke.  As you know, I am from Alabama so I take my fried okra pretty seriously and this buttermilk breaded and fried version blew my socks off. 

Scallops:  I had the seared diver-caught scallops with sweet corn succotash and truffled jus.  They told me it was one of their more popular items and it did not disappoint.  Side note: I feel like when I talk to boys about scallops in a restaurant, a common complaint is that the portions are too small – not the case here.  Table & Main definitely served up a heaping helping of mollusks!:

It was hard not to have dinner-envy when Meredith was served the most enormo burger…ever…complete with big ol’ steak fries… my favorite. 

Ok here’s the Q+DD on the burg at T&M: it’s a charbroiled 8oz house-ground Wagyu burger with cheddar, aioli, and bacon-onion jam and it’s officially going in the LK Top 3 Burgers in Atlanta.  (sure, that’s a real thing.  Starting now.)

Now, I love a fancy burger with weird and interesting flavor profiles - but this burger tasted like HOMEand you gotta love that. 

The food was absolutely fantastic (yay chef Lahey!), but better yet: the whole experience was warm and welcoming and lovely.  These are great people with a great restaurant.

(Oh and PS – ladies, if you don’t run up there to meet Ryan Pernice immediately…that would be a huge mistake.  Huge.  #wordtothewise.  #justsaying) 

Glad to know ya, Table & Main!  I’ll be back VERY soon.

xx, L

Table & Main
1028 Canton Street
Roswell, GA 30075
(678) 869-5178
Table & Main on Urbanspoon

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