Oct 29

Love for the Green Market at Piedmont Park

On Saturday, my buddy Stephanie + I ventured out for a morning stroll in Midtown and we stumbled upon the Green Market at Piedmont Park.

It had been quite a while since I visited the market, and I was so pleased to see how bustling it was and how many vendors were out.  Every Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., 30 – 40 vendors, local farmers, and merchants make up the Green Market at Piedmont Park starting at the park’s 12th Street entrance gate.  The market does not only offer local foods, but also chef demos, live music, monthly kids’ cooking classes, and seasonal workshops during the fall and winter.

Stephanie + I walked around for a bit and sampled some serious deliciousness here and there.  We couldn’t resist the gorgeous Japanese persimmons.  They were divine.

The Green Market at Piedmont Park is not to be missed, folks.  Check it out next Saturday!

xx, L

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Jul 26


My old favorite Atlanta celebrity, Baton Bob, mysteriously vanished from Midtown + surrounding areas a few years ago.  Piedmont Park just wasn’t the same…

Much to my extreme excitement, he’s officially BACK as of this summer!

The “Ambassador of Mirth” has returned to Atlanta to spread joy and happiness to all!  (His adoring street fans rejoice!)

Never heard of Baton Bob/moved to Atlanta during his hiatus??  Here’s the Q+DD on this legendary Atlanta fixture:

Baton Bob is known for his outrageous outfits, whistle blowing tweets, and baton twirling spins and throws.  Each weekend, Bob marches the streets of Midtown dressed in one of his over the top majorette outfits to the surprise of the mid-day brunch crowd at the Flying Biscuit, Gilbert’s, Caribou Coffee, Joe’s on Juniper, and our recent loss to the Midtown community, Outwrite Bookstore.  The self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Mirth,” Baton Bob gives his street audience a show they won’t soon forget.  If you hear a tweet of a whistle, you know Baton Bob is right around the corner to entertain you. (Midtown Patch)

So where did he go?  Midtown Patch got the exclusive scoop straight from the source!


BB awesomeness…




I’ve been a huge fan/supporter of Baton Bob’s ever since I moved to Atlanta in 2006, and I am just so beyond thrilled that he’s returned to the Dirty Dirty.  Welcome back, Bob!

BB + me in '06

See you around Midtown!  :)

xx, L

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Jun 12

Honeysuckle Gelato: Find This Food Truck!

The Red Bull Soapbox Race at Piedmont Park on Saturday was an excellent time! 

Hordes of locals came out to watch a bunch of bozos maneuver their intricately-designed soapbox cars down 10th Street.  The sun was out, people were drinking beer + everyone was getting some serious sun.  It was a really great day!

Towards the end of the afternoon, Mrs. Casey + I set out in search of The King of Pops to cool off a bit from all of the sun, when we ran into a mirage: the Honeysuckle gelato truck Mrs. Casey had spotted Honeysuckle before while driving by the Atlanta Food Truck Park, but I not familiar with it.  We quickly became close friends, however…  :)

Honeysuckle specializes in deliciously creamy Southern-inspired gelato + sorbet.

Ever since I spent time in Italy and ate my weight in gelato, I’ve considered myself to be a pretty serious gelato connoisseur.  (Don’t judge – everyone knows gelato is better for you than ice cream…)  Honeysuckle’s vision is to combine the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavors and desserts of the South.  My expectations were high. 

Jess tried the Pucker Up lemon sorbet.

I meant business, so I tried both the S’mores (graham cracker gelato with fudge, marshmallow + caramel) AND the Dock of the Bay (sea-salted caramel gelato).  I was in heaven.  HEAVEN!

My bold order inspired Mrs. Casey to order an additional cup of the Front Porch watermelon sorbet for someone else in our group to try/ us to see what that was about, too.

Every flavor we tried was beyond delicious!  It was such a special treat to help us cool down from the sun!

If you love gelato – you will LOVE Honeysuckle!  Click HERE to read more about the Honeysuckle gelato truck + view their detailed truckin’ schedule. 

Worth every single calorie, my friends!

xx, L

Honeysuckle Gelato Food Truck

Honeysuckle Gelato (Mobile Truck) on Urbanspoon

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May 17

2012 Red Bull Soapbox Race – Atlanta (6/9)

Mark your calendars!  The 2012 Red Bull Soapbox Race is back in Atlanta on Saturday, June 9!

This is one of my favorite summer events, y’all!  :)

Not to be confused with the youth soapbox derby, Red Bull Soapbox Race is a national race for amateur drivers, which is fueled by creativity and competitive fun – not to mention the need for speed.  This unique non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered soapbox dream machines and compete against the clock in a downhill race. 

Did I catch your attention??  If so, click HERE to find out super-fun info about the event like what the cars typically look like, how many Red Bull Soapbox Races have been produced, entrance fees (spoiler alert: FREE!), how teams are chosen to participate, the rules, what the winners get, etc. 

Soooooo, mark your calendars for Saturday, June 9th at Piedmont Park.  Pits open at 10:00 a.m.  First race is 12:00 p.m.  You do not want to miss this awesomeness!

Here are some pictures from previous races…

CK + I were there in full force two years ago!  See you again this year!

Can’t. Even. Wait.  Visit Red Bull Soapbox USA for more info!

xx, L

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Apr 26

Big Food Truck News!

Y’ALL!  Today is SUCH an exciting day for Atlanta food trucks!  Check it:

I am so excited about this! I wonder if they’ll let me set up a food plan?  :)

xx, L

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