Mar 14

Turduckens in the Apple.

Slick + I spent the weekend with close friends in NYC.  And we had sooooo. much. fun!

Although we originally wanted more of a laid-back visit, we managed to jam pack it with awesome randomness, including walking The High Line

And thoroughly admiring it…

Popping by Rockefeller Center for a bit of inspiration…  (Although, I am sorry to report that we did NOT see Liz Lemon.)

Then, stuffing our faces at Lombardi’s

With THAT…

Marveling at the incredible skyline…

Plotting how we could bring this amazingness back to Atlanta from Chelsea Market

And seriously falling in love with these bad boys at Top Shop

Oogling impressive lego displays…

Getting our fill at Momofuku Milk Bar

And again at Dylan’s Candy Bar

AND AGAIN at Jess + Paul’s Annual Turducken Party!

Which was simply AMAZING.  Please see:

Believe it or not, that was all just a taste of the weekend….  It was a very solid trip + super great to see our friends.

slick's empire state of mind

NYC: You were good to us + we shall conquer you again soon.  Until then, stay classy…

xx, L

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Mar 04

More YouTube Invite Awesomeness from J+P

Soooooo, remember my friends Jess + Paul from their YouTube invitation for their Hanukkah party last year

formal J+P

They are pretty rad.

And, they’re BACK with an even more impressive YouTube invite for their 8th Annual Turduckenfest!  Please enjoy:

Paul has some pretty sick dance moves, eh? 

Slick + I are making the trip to NYC next weekend to take part in the festivites, but unfortunately – y’all aren’t invited, that is unless you can make sides?!  :)

xx, L

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Jul 26

Empire State of Mind

You know my heart belongs to Atlanta and ever since I traded the Big Apple for Georgia Peaches in July of ’05, I’ve never looked back.

However, that didn’t stop me from having the TIME OF MY LIFE this weekend celebrating Randi’s BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday, Randela!

If you happen to be making a trip to NYC anytime soon, let me point out a few highlights from my trip:

1.    Soul Cycle – It’s like a dance club and a spin class all rolled into one.  My girls have been RAVING about it forever and now I know why!  It’s an AMAZING workout and we had a BLAST.  If you have the opportunity to try it out, I recommend it 100%.  3 NYC locations: Upper East, Upper West, and Tribeca (even one in the Hamptons!) Visit Soul Cycle for more information and be sure to reserve a bike well ahead of time, there wasn’t a seat to be had!

2.   Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa – Jess and I had massages at the Flagship 5th Avenue Red Door Spa

between 54th and 55th

…complete with complimentary makeup touch ups by Monique…a Sophia Loren lookalike who has been working at the spa since…well…suffice it to say she’s been there a long time and has done a TON of makeup. So when Monique recommended the Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup, who were we to refuse?  SO glad we took her advice, it’s perfect for summer. The makeup comes out light and airy and it doesn’t sit on your skin like most foundations will in hot humid weather.  LOVE.

3.    Blow-Outs at Salon Nouvelle – I hesitate to tell you because I think this is the city’s best kept secret. Amazing hair for a mere $30 at this discreet little salon on 1st Avenue at 61st street.  (212) 813-0736 for an appointment.

(Another option: if you’re closer to Murray Hill…I used to be a blow-out regular at Monhair on 3rd Avenue between 36th and 37th.  I heard today my girl is still there!  Ask for Lolita and tell her Lorena sent you! (212) 447-7744 for an appointment)

4.    Dinner at Lure FishbarIt was love at first bite. Lure is the cutest little seafood restaurant located directly underneath the SoHo Prada store at Mercer and Prince. I chose the miso-glazed salmon over crispy soba noodles and it was to DIE for.  I was able to steal bites of the girls seafood platters, scallops, and various other fish dishes – everything was excellent.  Plus, inside is cute and swank all at the same time…perfect place for our perfect dinner!

Lure Fishbar
(212) 431-7676
142 Mercer St
New York, NY 10012
Lure Fishbar on Urbanspoon

5.    Drinks at Betel in the West VillageLOVED Betel.  This Asian-Fusion resto was a really fun location for post-dinner drinks.   It’s very nondescript (in fact, you could easily miss it!) and understated and with ample bar seating for a small-ish joint, it was the perfect place to accommodate the flood of people who showed up to celebrate Randi’s birth!  The drinks were DELICIOUS – we especially liked the Tart ‘n Tasty – made with lychee juice and ginger (You know how I usually shy away from anything with a kitchy name…but this drink was fantastic and not too sweet!)

(The cutie in the middle is Randy's Mister!)

(212) 352-0460
51 Grove St
New York, NY 10014
Betel on Urbanspoon

6.    Brunch at The Smith – catty-corner from my old East Village Karaoke standby Nevada Smith’sThe Smith really hit the spot for brunch. Mostly, I just loved hanging with 4 of my favorite people over egg white mushroom and fontina omelets and complimentary bloody marys!

The Smith
(212) 420-9800
55 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10003
Smith on Urbanspoon

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see my girls and the wonderful guys they love…

but I have to say – of all the cute couples I know in The City, my favorite pair is undoubtedly these two:

…Don’t worry, A+E…Aunt LK will be back soon!

xx, L

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Jul 19

Smart Summer Travel Tips

I usually travel about two weekends each month, but July is completely out of control.  By the time July is over, I will have spent at least part of every weekend in another city…

Syracuse + Skaneatles:

d's wedding

hellloooooo from heaven

N. Georgia Mountains:

gorgeousness @ lake burton, but watch out for...

...this guy. eek!

Columbia (SC):

levin wedding @ columbia museum of art

dancing machines

Random Arkansas:

Even random-er New Jersey, where I really hope to see:

my fav. gym-tan-laundry homies, the cast of Jersey Shore!

(Love things + people + awesomeness from New Jersey as much as I do?  If so, you may want to know about Jersey Shore’s Mike “the Situation’s” first stab at literary excellence:!  I digress…)

I’ve learned a few things here and there throughout my travels, and I am confident that I can reduce some travel-related stress with just five points to remember below:

5-  If you are flying out of or connecting in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport and need food or want to waste away a few hours at a bar while waiting for your departure, head directly for Terminal E.  They have my favorite food selections, including some healthy options, and a really great wine bar located right next to the duty free store = dangerous.  Also, Term. E has the only fine dining restaurant in the airport, One Flew South, for you fancy-pants travelers, you.

One Flew South (Terminal E)

4- Go through security in the first class + medallion gate.  I am a Delta medallion flyer and always go through the security gates all the way to the back of Delta’s check in area, and I have NEVER had anyone ask me to show them proof of my status.  Don’t be a schmo, if you are in a rush to make your flight, take advantage of a faster line for securityI promise I won’t tell on you…

don't do it.

3-  Need a last minute mani/pedi before the big trip, but don’t have much time?  No problemo.  Head on over to the XpresSpas in Terminals A + C for some quickie pre-flight spa services.

XpresSpa (Terminals A + C)

2-  Why waste $30 to check your bags when you can just be a thoughtful packer and save yourself some dough?  Carry on your baggage whenever possible – particularly if you are flying Delta, which has the highest incidence in the airline industry for losing traveler’s baggage.  Slick lost his luggage on Delta five times out of the last eight flights he’s taken.  Fact. 

Ladies:  Do not EVER pack your make-up or a bridesmaid dress.  Trust me – it’s never worth the risk.

delta hates you, slick

1-  Talk to your neighbor(s) on the plane – at least for a little while.  You never know who you’ll meet.  I’ve had friends who have met people who have set them up on dates, helped them to network for jobs and made some pretty cool random connections – even if it’s just a new book recommendation.  Who knows, you may even find a friend to chow down w/ at One Flew South in Terminal E… 

pleased to meet you - i am your new friend, lindsay.

Just, please, watch out for snakes.  (Don’t say I didn’t warn you, oh weary travelers…)

Snakes on a Plane

Safe travels this summer.  See y’all around Hartsfield-Jackson!  :)

xx, L

One Flew South
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
600 N. Terminal Parkway (Terminal E)
Atlanta, GA  30320

One Flew South on Urbanspoon

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Jul 06

Tummy Full o’ Dinos…

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!  As previously mentioned, LK + Slick + I spent America’s BD at Dana + Scott’s wedding in Syracuse, NY.  We had such a blast celebrating w/ the happy couple!

congrats guys!!

However, when we weren’t busy with our numerous wedding festivities…

posing for pictures

spending time w/ the bride

being awesome

getting ICED (thx, slick...)

…we passed the time chowing down at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que!  There wasn’t a whole lot to do in Syracuse, but Dinosaur kept us busy + stuffing our faces for hours – and we anticipated each return over the weekend!

Salt Lick + Fat Matt’s, who??  Seriously.

Here’s the Q+DD on Dinosaur Bar-B-Que:

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is a restaurant, blues venue, and biker bar in Syracuse, New York.  Opened in 1983 on Willow Street in downtown Syracuse, it specializes in authentic barbecue using a wood-fueled barbecue pit.  The restaurant markets its sauce, pulled pork, chili, and baked beans at local supermarkets, and at Wegmans, Fairway, D’Agostino’s, Price Chopper, and Shaw’s Supermarkets across the Northeast.  Two additional locations have also opened in Rochester, New York (in the old Lehigh Valley Railroad Station) in 1998, and Harlem, New York in 2004.   In May 2009, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que was voted America’s best barbecue in ABC’s Good Morning America poll, beating out entrants from across the United States.  Approximately 4,000 out of the 7,500 participants in the poll selected Dinosaur Bar-B-Que as the best in the nation.  (

Words do not do it justice.  You must witness…

I know I can be a bit of an exaggerator from time to time, but I MEAN it when I say that this was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had.  It was even better than it looked!  I can’t believe how much I ate there – I really can’t.  The ribs.  Oh, the ribs! 

P.S. You can buy the Dinosaur cookbook + BBQ sauce online here:  DINOS!

Point of this prehistoric post:  Next time you are in NY, you absolutely must, must, MUST make a point to visit The Dinosaur!  Honestly, booking a special trip for it might be necessary…  DO NOT pass up an opportunity to get down and dirty w/ some BBQ there!  Trust me. 


xx, L

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
246 W. Willow Street
Syracuse, NY  13202

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que on Urbanspoon

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