Aug 15

Omigod You Guys!

Omigod you guys – last Friday, G and I and a few other loyal members of the Meredith Campbell fan club

…headed west.  Northwest.  (To Marietta, specifically.)  Not in search of gold… but PINK!


If you’re not familiar with Legally Blondewell, if you’re not familiar with Legally Blonde it’s possible you’re on the wrong blog.  But just for giggles, here’s the Q+DD: Based on the Reese Witherspoon movie of the same name, Legally Blonde the Musical follows Elle Woods,  A UCLA sorority girl turned Harvard Law student in pursuit of her ex-boyfriend who dumped her for someone more “serious.”  (He was looking for “less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie.”  Um, Rude.) 

Anyway, the Lyric did an amazing job with this show and I am literally begging you to go up there and experience this fabulousness. 

First of all, Alison Brannon Wilhoit absolutely KILLS IT as Elle Woods.

She’s adorable and funny and not at all irritating.  Also: her voice is spectacular.  I saw her in Rent last year as the quirky lesbian performance artist Maureen and was equally taken with her.  I love her and I want to be her.  Fact.

Secondly, the show is the perfect blend of cheesy, campy, and tongue in cheek.  Even Greg had to admit that having 3 sorority girls come to Elle’s rescue as the “Greek Chorus” was pretty clever.

Also, I know I am biased, but my friend Mere plays about a zillion different parts in this show and I think she’s just hilarious and amazing.  Even when she’s just hanging out stage left with a pair of pink pants.  #IJS. Check her out in “Bend and Snap!”

The whole thing was incredibly well done and I absolutely recommend you grab a herd and head up there.  BIG bonus:  Marietta Square is aDORable.  Make sure you get up there in enough time to explore or grab a bite before the show.  You will not regret!

The show closes on the 26th so hurry, hurry!  Just two weekends left! 

Ok – seriously.  Go get a ticket.  Click HERE

xx, L

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