Jun 26

My Bumble and Bumble Arsenal…

I am a budding Bumble and Bumble hair product addict. 

Please see my current 3-piece arsenal below:

I use these three bad boys regularly and am totally obsessed, y’all.  Total!

Quenching Complex: A potent, daily, leave-in treatment that quenches the cuticle smooth, seals in moisture, renews shine, and protects – keeping flyaways…away.

Thickening Hairspray: Begins styling lift-off for any hair type with moderate hold.

White Hair Powder: Styling ease, dry cleansing, and tinting.

I also looooove this product, but I can’t use it because it will strip my keratin treatment.  :(

Surf Spray: Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles – whenever, wherever.

Get your Bumble and Bumble hair arsenal here: I heart B+B!

xx, L

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Apr 19

Top 10 Makeovers of All Time

10. Tai from Clueless
They may have dragged her kicking and screaming…but she was a total Betty afterwards.

Cher, I don’t want to do this anymore. And my buns: they don’t feel nothin’ like steel.

9. Katy from Mean Girls.  You go, Glen Coco!

On Wednesdays we wear pink.

8. Andrea Sachs from the Devil Wears PradaBangs?  Check. Amazing handbag?  Check.  Ridiculously amazing clothing montage?  Checkity check check checkkkkk!

Take that, Meryl.

7. Two words: MRS. DOUBTFIRE.

Is it me or is her skin flawless?

6. Elfaba’s POPULAR Makeover in Wicked….

“When someone needs a makeover I simply HAVE to take over…”

5. Sandy from GreaseNow that’s one way to get some attention…

“Tell me about it….stud!”

4. Ronald Miller from Can’t Buy Me Love.  Don’t make me laugh, lawn boy!

Yep. Like, he went from totally geek to TOTALLY CHIC.

3. Eliza Dolittle from My Fair Lady (even though her “before” would be totally acceptable in Little 5.  What a hipster!)

All I want is a room somewhere…and fancy new clothes and a diction coach.

2. Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman  Enough Said. 

“Oh honey you know what’s happened? I got a runner in my pantyhose, I’m not wearing pantyhose.”

 and… the #1 Makeover of all times is……


Thanks to our amazing web designer, Mark Wolfe, of Wolfepack Creative – we have a brand new style and we’re feeling GREAT.  

What do you think of our new look???

xx, L + L

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Jan 24

I Don’t Want to Grow Up…

No, seriously.  I don’t want to get any older.  I just hit 31 and that is ENOUGH. 

Let’s be honest – I’ve been obsessed with skin for a while, but I’ve noticed that as my age advanced…so has my obsession. 

Here are my latest tricks of the trade:

I have to thank Jenn Falik for recommending the first two.  Are you guys following her?  She’s amazing.) 

1. iT Cosmetics “No-Tug™” Heavenly Luxe Dual Eyeshadow Brush 

Ok so here’s the Q+DD: this is the “first ever” anti-aging and age preventative shadow brush that won’t pull on your delicate eye skin while applying your shadow.  Am I 100% convinced?  NoWill I try absolutely everything?  You betcha.

It’s actually a pretty great brush, too.  It’s dual-sided for contouring.  For $24 – I’d say give it a go. 

2. Vichy 3-in-1 Cleanser


It’s a cleanser, toning lotion, and an eye makeup remover all in one.  You can actually wipe it off with a cloth once you’ve cleansed or rinse with water.  My skin has been AMAZING with this.  So super soft and fantastic. 

3. Natura Bisse “The Cure” Cleanser

So, at $57 a bottle (to Vichy’s $20) this cleanser is definitely less economical, but it’s great also.  Its a little less “milky” and I still feel like I need to use a separate eye makeup remover when I use it.  But, not only does it clean, but it detoxifies skin and is extremely gentle as well.  PLUS: when I use it with my Clairsonic Mia – there’s virtually NO residue left over when I’m done and I feel squeaky clean.  (Without the squeak, of course.)

It also has Green Tea Extract, which is lovely and supposedly neutralizes the effects of free radicals, “diminishing irritation and dryness.”

4.  Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Cream with SPF

I’ve blogged about it before and I’ll probably blog about it again.  I absolutely love this stuff.  It’s a foundation.  It’s a moisturizer.  It’s a SPF.  It’s a firming treatment. It’s amazing.  Get it today.  You will thank me.  (many of you already have!)

5. Water.

Yep.  Good old H-Two-Oh.  I’ve been drinking it like a fiend.  Just like they always tell you to and I can tell a huge difference in my skin! (somewhere in Birmingham my mom is saying “I told you so.”) 

There you have it.  My new plan for reverse aging.  Who knows.  Next year I might just turn 29 again!  (nah, 31 has been pretty awesome so far)

La and me at my 31st birthday last Saturday

Enjoy, lovelies!

xx, L

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Jan 19

Exhale True Facial + Anne-Marie Awesomeness!

(Just a little more today re. Exhale.)  You would think that we were getting paid from them or something…  Note: We are NOT, but maybe we should be??  :)

Y’all know how much I heart my second home in Atlanta, Exhale Spa Y’all know.  (And, welcome LK!  So happy you’ve joined!!) 

Well, I had my first facial at Exhale last week and JUST when I thought I couldn’t love it any more there, I fell even more head over heels!

It was the absolute greatest facial.  The greatest!  The one I got was the 60-Minute True Facial w/ a Cool Beam Treatment

Here are the deets:

True Facial: Enliven your skin with our customized facial appropriate for all skin types.  We use a layer of our most coveted mushroom enzyme mask to lift away all dull, tired skin and reveal a fresher, brighter version of you!  Trust that all of your need will be thoroughly addressed in this one hour facial – a true transformation!

Cool Beam Treatment: Monochromatic coherent light penetrates into the dermis sparking a physiological collagenic growth spurt.  This healing therapy inflates fine lines while simultaneously reducing post-surgical inflammation and decreasing hyperpigmentation and cystic acne.

My therapist, Kathryn, was absolutely amazing, too.  I highly, highly recommend getting a facial at Exhale.  My skin has been glowing since and feels like silk!

Also newsworthy at Exhale is…one of my favorite Atlantans + fitness gurus, Anne-Marie Berte, Manager of Guest Experience for the spa.  Do you know her?  Do you know her?  You should!  Y’all have seen me reference her in every single one of my Exhale-related posts, but you guys REALLY need to know how awesome Anne-Marie is! 

anne-marie berte

In addition to all her responsibilities at Exhale, she is also the ambassador for the 100 Women Project, the Lease Luxury Properties lifestyle & wellness concierge, and all around excellent person.  Anne-Marie is really into brand marketing and promotions, and is constantly working to connect people and create relationships and cross promotions for brands.  She has a contagiously positive and uplifting personality – this girl is going places, people!! 

super-fit, A-M!

Stay tuned for more Anne-Marie awesomeness – you are sure to see her around the ATL as the “fit girl blogger” bringing you up to date on the latest and greatest workouts to try, studios, and healthy lifestyle tips!

Love, love, love Exhale + Anne-Marie!  Just the best in 2012. 

xx, L

Exhale Atlanta
Anne-Marie Berte, Manager of Guest Experience: amberte@exhalespa.com

1065 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA  30309

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Dec 29

A Little Reckless Holiday Spending, Anyone?

December 29 is a dangerous time.  Santa was good to you…particularly with gifts that come in envelopes.  Or maybe you’ve got that extra check from Grandma or a little Hanukkah gelt left in you pocket (and I don’t mean the chocolate kind…)  What to do? 

I’m pretty sure if you ask Greg, he’d suggest a lovely Orange Savings Account or a Roth IRA but if I were you, I might opt for the following: 

1. Oribe Royal Blowout

I am pretty much obsessed with Oribe.  It all started with the Anti-Humidity spray (blogged about here) and then the “Beautiful Color” shampoo and conditioner.  But I was recently introduced to Royal Blowout and I’m never turning back.  You just spritz a little of this weightless-greaseless product into damp hair and bampf! – perfectly straight, glossy-yet-somewhat-voluminous hair.  And of course it has the signature Oribe scent which is AMAZING.  I love this stuff.

2. Trish McEvoy Beta Hydroxy Pads  

These are the most amazing exfoliating pads…ever.  I used them forever ago, but I quit because at $65 for 40 pads…they’re pretty priceyBut I’m back on the bandwagon now.  My skin looks absolutely amazing and I feel like these babies take care of those hard-to-exfoliate places like around your nose and such.  Basically, they dissolve dead skin cells to make your face glowy and help to prevent breakouts.  So worth it.  

3. Hammitt Viper Holiday Clutch  

You guys – I had never even HEARD of Hammitt before I fell in love with this clutch and now I’m planning nights out just so I can carry it.  The leather is DELICIOUS, it’s SO spacious (I love the new “oversized clutch” trend.) and it’s the perfect amount of glam and rock and roll.  The entire line is to die for – but this clutch made me really happy.  (I got mine at Gus Mayer in Birmingham– but you can find them on Facebook or search for them on your Google Machine)


4. Alora Reed Diffuser in Due 

G got me one of these as part of my Hanukkah gift and I LOVE IT.  First of all, it’s gorgeousSecondly, it smells absolutely AMAZING – jasmine, cucumber, basil and ylang ylang.  (What is a ylang ylang, you ask?  I have no idea.  But it smells good.)  The best part is how the scent fills my whole room without overpowering it.  I recommend.

So there you have it.  Nothing you need…but all fun stuff.  Happy December 29th!

xx, L


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