Aug 31

Get Crowned: Thirteen Crowns by Chris Adkins

Let me tell you about a problem I have on the regular: I’ll have an upcoming wedding, party, meeting, or…I don’t know…Tuesday and somehow I have dreamed up an outfit in my head that doesn’t exist in my closet.  I then unsuccessfully scour every inch of Atlanta (and the internet) looking for it.  Do you ever have that problem?

Oh yeah? You know who else did?   Designer Chris Adkins.

Working as a professional poker player in Vegas (and all over the world), Chris tells me that the tourneys were as much about the clothes as they were about the cards and nothing he found seemed fit his unique personal style: extremely edgy yet EXTREMELY luxe.   (Think: Prada opening a tattoo parlor.)  But the difference between Chris and yours truly is that homeboy decided to take matters into his own hands and design his own clothes.  His own accessories.  His own shoes!  (Needless to say, I love this man.)  

Luckily for us, Chris decided to ditch the chips for a while and start his own line of jewelry right here in Atlanta, Thirteen Crowns.  

It is AMAZING.  Made with high-end materials and gemstones, every piece is hand made by darling Chris.  Check out some of his pieces:

(For more styles, please visit his website HERE)

You can also visit Polished and Primped (If you haven’t been to P+P – you must.  It’s on the bottom floor of the Plaza Midtown building and it’s SO cute) where Chris has a 13 Crowns shop-in-shop.  

Newsflash: Chris will also do custom orders for you.  He tells me “If you can dream it, I can make it.”  This got the wheels turning in my head a little bit…could he be the answer to my aforementioned problem?

Also a marvelous idea: BRIDESMAIDS or HOSTESS gifts.  How cool would it be to have custom jewelry created for the lovely ladies (or gentlemen!) in your life?  Chris will work with you to ensure your vision is realized in the most beautiful way possible.  

I really and truly love his pieces – I was interested in meeting him before I knew how amazing he is personally, I think his work speaks for itself.  But I must tell you, I absolutely ADORED Chris.

For me, the best part of all of this is that when you talk to Chris, you can tell that this is his art and it MEANS something to him.  I don’t want to get too touchy-feely on you guys, but I get the sense that each piece of jewelry comes with some pretty awesome energy as well.  

So, get crowned with Thirteen Crowns A-SNAP, ladies.  (It’s only fitting – you’re princesses, after all, right?)

xx, L

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May 10

A Few of My Favorite Things

Ok, so I’m not Oprah. (ssssigh.) but I did make it home to Birmingham over the weekend where I did some SHOPPING at Gus Mayer….so have a few recent Favorite Things to share with you!

Without further ado, here are the loves of my life right now:

Brightly Twisted Scarves

Check out these gorgeous one of a kind hand tie-dyed summer scarves:

I am obsessed. Gus has an amazing supply, but you can get also these darlings at Intermix or Tootsie’s here in Atlanta.

Oribe Hair Products

Ok I have blogged about the Anti-Humidity spray before (check it) and I still swear by it… I just picked up some “beautiful color” shampoo and conditioner and it’s amazing.

My color looks great, my hair feels super healthy and This. Stuff. Smells. Incredible.

Shoes!: I am the proud new owner of a couple of pairs of fantastic wedges for summer!

First, to continue the tie dye trend – I scooped a pair of these bad boys by Bacio 61:

Bacoli Tie Dye Wedge in Lily Purple

I happened to wear a pair of white pants and a black top Saturday when I spotted these and they complimented my outfit so much – I asked Katie to box up my Torys so I could wear them out! Who (past the age of 6) does that?

I also scored super cute pair of black and raffia Franco Sartos I plan to LIVE in this summer:

Trish Beauty Booster Cream with SPF15

I’ve officially replaced my regular SPF15 moisturizer with this marvelous “Anti-Fatigue” cream, which acts as a moisturizer and primer while brightening and firming… and protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. Talk about a bang for your buck!

(Helpful hint for Alabamians: All of the above can be found at Gus Mayer at the Summit in Birmingham!)

Other recent MVPs:

The gorgeous and perfectly neutral Kendra Scott earrings I wore with my watercolor Halston Heritage dress to Camp Dance:

(Scored them at Nordy's)

My new Laura Mercier lipstick/gloss combo:

Hibiscus Bloom Gel Lip Color/ Bellini Lip Glace

and the Triple Oxygen facial at Bliss Spa.

I’ve blogged about it before, and I’ll blog about it again. Go to the midtown location inside the W Hotel.  Ask for Anila. Tell her I sent you.  You can thank me later.

And that, as they say, is that!


xx, L

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Apr 08

Kendra Scott, I Love You. (Really, I Do.)

Allow me to introduce you to one of my new favorite Texans, Kendra Scott.

She’s an Austin-based jewelry designer + retailer who I’ve recently become obsessed with.  Please see how gorgeous her designs are… 

She specializes in colorful cuff bracelets, cocktail rings, bib necklaces, chandelier earrings + bridal jewelry.

If Kendra sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her stuff featured in InStyle, Lucky, Real Simple, Allure, People, Martha Stewart Weddings or US Weekly – just to name of few of the publications she’s been in thanks to her celebrity clientele.  (I believe that I’ve also seen her on Gilt Groupe before…)

She has her only retail store on South Congress in Austin, and (fun fact), it was recently voted one of the “Top Ten Places to Work in Central Texas.”  When I was visiting Austin last weekend, I stopped by her boutique with my girlfriends to check it out.

Here’s a peek inside:

It’s a really energizing space + makes you want to spend lots of $$$.  (Go w/ your girls…)

Anyway, one of the coolest things about her store is that there’s a color bar for you to design your very own customized jewelry.  You can also do this online on her website, but I thought it was so much fun to do it live when you could actually hold the various settings + stones up to you.  After much consideration, I selected a pair of teardrop earring settings + iolite quartz stones for my creation.  Within ten minutes, one of the colorists put them together for me + I was able to wear them right out of the store! 

Soooooooo…what do you think?!

my customized earrings

I love them.  :)

If you have a classic solid color dress to wear but you still want to make a statement, check out Kendra Scott Jewelry online.  Her stuff is so amazing - I want it ALL.  (Just another reason to love Texas, if you ask me…)

xx, L

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Dec 23

Show off!

More organizing obsessions: Part of Renee’s prescription was to find a solution to deal with my jewelry and get it off the top of my dresser  where it was residing in a heap.

She suggested jewelry bureaus or perhaps a jewelry board so I immediately went to work researching.  I was getting very frustrated trying to find the perfect piece – something that fit my needs, style, AND my budget when I found…drumroll please

(Actually, luckily, owner Tiffany Huff found me.  How’s THAT for perfect timing?)

I love the idea of jewelry boards, but usually I find they’re are a little kitschy and D-I-Y for my taste.  Not these.  These are GORGEOUS and very chic.  Check it:

To die for, right?

These babies sell for a mere $60!
You can (and should) also purchase an earring mesh for $15 to go with it.

Now, I’m a total costume jewelry collector, so I’d need about 3 ArranGEMs to hold ALL of my jewelry…but I have all my favorite baubles on it and its incredibly functional and looks precious in my room!

The good news is – all those “statement necklaces” I collected over the last few seasons can now do double duty as wall art on these posh little pieces!


xx, L

ArranGEM by Tiffany Huff

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Dec 01

I Want Wednesday: Kuo Ting Disco Earrings

I have “Saturday Night Fever” over these Disco earrings by Kuo Ting Jewelry…

I’m sure “I Will Survive” if I don’t get them, but wouldn’t I be “Hot Stuff” if I did?

Click HERE to order them on! (Use promo code “LUST” for 20% off!)

xx, L

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